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Paula Nelson AKA Granny G : Predictions and Audition Results for America's Got Talent 7

Updated on May 16, 2012

Paula Nelson is an 80-year-old grandmother. She has had one of the funniest auditions so far for the 7th season of America's Got Talent. Calling herself Granny G and walking out on stage with the aid of a walker, Paula said she was going to teach some family values before starting to rap a funny song. The lyrics were hilarious and were basically warning guys to stay away from girls unless and until they have the responsibility to take care of a kid.

For surprise value, Granny G gets a big check. She get a big plus for being an inspiration to others, as well. The rap that she wrote is also clever and entertaining.

With all the positives about Granny G, though, there are also some negatives. I predict she will not be able to muster enough votes to win America's Got Talent. First, she is a rapper. So when has a rapper ever won a contest like this? Even Astro and CJ Dippa couldn't get close to winning. AGT had a Rapping Granny in the 1st season, and she couldn't win, either.

By the way, Rapping Granny could rap but had a horrible voice. Granny G doesn't have a horrible voice, but she is not a good rapper at all. As much as I enjoyed her audition, the only reasonable prediction here is that she just can't win. She even seemed to agree with that when Howard said she had a shot of about one in a million of taking the title.

Granny G might get through the Las Vegas rounds and onto the live shows. She is the type that usually does not advance in a live round. But if she delivers another hilarious rap, it is certainly possible that she could get through one voting round. After that, her below-average rapping ability will start to show more as she runs out of original material. AGT could always hire someone to write a funny rap, but I doubt the show really wants her to make a deep run.

Granny G will not win the 7th season of America's Got Talent. But that's not a bad thing. She is fun and inspirational and has been a great addition to the show.


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