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Pauley Perrette Bio

Updated on December 21, 2011

Pauley Perrette's Presence

As forensic specialist Abby Sciuto in the TV show NCIS, or as lead singer for the all-girl punk band Lo-Ball, Pauley Perrette has stage presence. Despite her image as an offbeat, progressive innovator, she brings talent and intelligence to every role.

Pauley Perette was raised in the south. Born in New Orleans, on March 27th, 1969 and reared in Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia, she attended school at Georgia State where she studied - of all things - to be a criminologist. The Pauley Perrette Bio is impressive and varied.

Pauley and Lo-Ball Sing Airstick

Pauley Perrette's Bio

Pauley moved at least fourteen times when she was little. When she took classes in Georgia State, her emphasis was criminology, psychology and sociology. She pursued a masters Degree as well but was unable to complete it before she moved to New York City.

Once in New York, Pauley worked for a while as a mixologist (bartender). By then she was already finding work in commercials and in some music videos.

Early TV acting roles included Murder One, and playing Drew Carey's wife on the Drew Carey Show. Early films include The Price of Kissing and Angel (both are independent films) and The Cowboy Way and Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.

In addition to acting, directing and producing, Pauley Perrete sings (she had an all girl punk band Lo-Ball). and she is active in socially progressive causes.

Pauley Perette
Pauley Perette

Commercials by Pauley Perrette

Pauley began making commercials when she moved to New York, and her voice and image are very familiar now to American TV viewers. Among the companies she has been featured in are:

  • Sprint
  • VW
  • Ocean Spray
  • New Orleans
  • Starbucks
  • The Royal Carribean Cruise Line
  • Expedia
  • CBS Cares (mentoring and celiac disease)


Photo of Ms. Pauley Perrette by Tixgirl

List of Films By Pauley:

  1. The Price of Kissing (1997) her first starring role, as Renee;
  2. Hoofboy and Hands On the Pump (1998) two shorts;
  3. Malicious Intent (2000): Pauley plays Carolyn, film also known as Civility;
  4. Almost Famous (2000): Ms. Perrette plays a radio Disk Jockey Alice Wisdom;
  5. My First Mister (2001): Pauley has a brief role as Bebe;
  6. The Ring (2002): Another brief movie role as Beth, assistant to the lead female;
  7. Hungry Hearts (2002): an ensemble cast as Cokie Conner;
  8. Ash Tuesday (2003): Pauley is Gina Mascara;
  9. Brother Bear (2003): Voice of the Female Lover Bear;
  10. Cut and Run and A Moment of Grace (2004) two shorts;
  11. Potheads The Movie (2005): Pauley Parrette plays Lulu;
  12. To Comfort You (2009): A short in which she plays Theresa;
  13. Satan Hates Flowers (2010): Marie Flowers is Pauley Perrette's role.
  14. I Am Bad (2011) She plays Mom.
  15. The Girl From Mars (2012): Pauley Perrettes plays Julie.

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