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Pause, for a Fourth

Updated on June 17, 2014

Sherlock - Sherlock

"Everybody, SHUT UP - NoooooooW!!!"

Sherlock is trying to remember where he left his keys. He should get one of those thing that beep when you whistle!

Karl Pilkington

"I'm sleepin' 'ere!?" ... "It's a shelf!"

You can-NOT be SERIOUS would have been a better quote from the gent with a head like a.. orange!

Edward - League of Gentlemen

Really rather worrying and nothing too shocking to see here. In fact, this is rather a normal looking paused moment compared to some of the stuff he has been up to..

Gus Grimly - Fargo

"Oh no! I left the oven on!"

Gus is annoyed to have had the wool pulled over his eyes, only to remove it and find his co-workers now have that same wool over their eyes!

Sherlock - Sherlock

"That's right, I am a police officer!"

Sherlock gets something wrong and has to think of his feet. He is not to friendly, not sure if that helps or hinders his act..

Karl Pilkington - An Idiot Abroad 2

Nothing is what it seems here.. Or is it? A look up can cause all sorts of embarrassments..

Reece - League of Gentlemen

Surprised and caught on and in pause. A momentary confused Reece wonders what is going on.. As do we all who are watching.

Karl - An Idiot Abroad 2

Karl comparing annoying dogs to babies he has met. He sees and hears them, and knows, he doesn't want one!

Sherlock - Sherlock

Caught forcing a smile while the pause was pushed. Sherlock trying to speak with a criminal he got exonerated from a bigger crime than he had in fact committed.


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