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Pawn Stars TV Show - Antiques Collectibles Memorabilia for Sale

Updated on February 13, 2012

Pawn Stars

I'm a huge fan of the TV show called Pawn Stars, which is a show about all the really cool things people bring into the world famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. The store is owned by Rick Harrison and his father, and run by both of them and Rick's son, known on the show as Big Hoss. Then there is also Chumlee, who is Big Hoss's friend from childhood, and also works in the pawn store. The TV Show airs on the History Channel.

As with any owners of pawn stores, the Harrisons know their stuff, and can easily identify something that worth a lot of money and something that is simply a fake. But also many times Rick will call in professionals in various industries to help evaluate an item's authenticity and value.

It's really neat to watch all the old vintage collectibles and pieces of history that come walking through the door. People are willing to part with their treasures to get a few bucks.

The pawn store sells their items in their store, but also lists many of them online also, especially the ones that are expensive and will get bids from numerous potential buyers. Some of the recent items they have sold online through their eBay store include

  • Mary Ford's personal Gibson Les Paul electric guitar which was featured on an episode of Pawn Stars recently sold on eBay for a whopping $110,000
  • Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone autographed book in the UK edition, which is autographed by Harry Melling, Daniel Radcliffe, and Chris Columbus. Plus a photo on set with the same three. These sold for $3,500.
  • A rare WWII cargo pilot's jacket that was featured on a recent episode of Pawn Stars was then sold on eBay for $3208
  • They also sell a lot of autographed $2 bills. The Old Man, Rick, Big Hoss, and Chumlee will all autograph the $2 bill and then sell it on eBay for $49.99. Pretty good profit margin on those!


Collectibles and Antiques on Pawn Stars

  • Rick goes to check out a collection of 1970s minibikes, including a Honda Roadster2, Honda Z50, and Honda Trail70. The guy had minibikes from Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda. Rick brings over a friend that has a better understanding of the market of mini-bikes. His friend suggests they take the mini-bikes for a spin to get a better value of how much fun they are. It's pretty funny to see Rick on a little mini bike. Rick's friend says the Z50 is worth around $800. He said the restored one retail for around $1200. But the seller thinks the "expert" is a little low. Rick offers the seller $900 for the Z50. But the seller doesn't want to sell it for that low.
  • A guy brings in a framed piece of mail flown in 1928 by Charles Lindbergh on the Spirit of St. Louis. Rick offers the guy $100 for it.
  • A handmade Fusee pocket watch from the 1700s is brought in by a customer. "Fusee" is the pulley that used to wind the watch up. The watch works. Rick looks on the back and finds out it's sterling silver and made in London in 1772. The seller wants at least $1000, but Rick only offers him $500 and they make a deal at $500. The watch movement inside was really cool.
  • A fan item store model Shoeless Joe Jackson's Black Betsy bat. This bat was a fan item sold in stores 100 years ago. Big Hoss calls in an expert to determine its authenticity and determines it is an authentic store model Black Betsy bat from the 1915-1920 and values it around $800. Big Hoss buys the bat for $350.
  • A guy brings in an old vintage horse racing game. Big Hoss offers him $200 for it, which is less than what the guy originally wanted, so the seller doesn't sell it.
  • One of the interesting things that came into the pawn shop recently was an autographed Paul Newman Baja racing suit. But because Paul Newman's autograph typically has a lot of variance to it (he didn't always sign it the same all the time), the autograph expert could not verify that the autograph was authentic. So Rick didn't end of buying it, but I wonder if the guy ended up trying to sell it on eBay or not.
  • Another cool item that Rick did end up buying was a presidential golf ball. It was actually a golf ball used by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Rick bought the ball for $250. The expert who came in to verify it's authenticity said it was worth around $500.
  • On the same episode the Old Man bought an old Louis Marx Co. Mot-O-Run Toy. There's a lot of these that sell on eBay. The Old Man paid the seller $40 for it. It's cool to see the old vintage toys.

Buy Pawn Stars Vintage Collectibles from their eBay Store

To the right, I've listed some of the items that the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop has listed for sale on their eBay store.

Some of these items you may have seen featured on a recent episode of Pawn Stars.

They also sell a lot of other things that come into their store, like computers, watches, and a lot of guitars!

Then they also have Pawn Stars merchandise listed for sale too. So if you want to pick up a Pawn Stars shirt or autographed $2 bill, check out their ebay listings.

I even saw the Old Man's favorite chair listed for sale. It's all beat up and used, but somebody will probably buy it!

Just click one of the links on the right and it will take you to their listings on eBay.

Pawn Stars DVDs

Pawn Stars Season DVD

If you're a fan of Pawn Stars, or if you know someone else who is, you can buy a DVD of all the episodes of the entire season on Amazon.

Amazon also has video on demand where you can watch just one single episode online too.

This makes a great gift for anyone who loves the show.

They also offer DVDs that are like "best episodes" where they feature items that were most popular with the viewers. Just read the descriptions so you know which episodes are on which DVD sets.

Do you watch Pawn Stars?

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