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Pay For What He Done

Updated on August 18, 2010

Pay For What He Done


Pay For What He Done

by Chuck RitenouR 10-2-2K2

verse 1:

I told him if he did it again I'd be sure to make him pay

I saw the bruises on your face at Momma's yesterday

I don't care how much you love him, there's no place he can run

This time I'm gonna make him pay, pay for what he done.

verse 2:

I know he put his hands on you a couple of times before

When I'm thru I'm bettin' you he won't try it anymore

Momma always stopped me and make me hold my tongue

Not this time Momma, he's gonna pay for what he done


Before Daddy died he told the things I'd have to do

he said what over your Momma and your little sister too

My Daddy's up in Heaven and now I'm the only one.

Just like Daddy told me I'll make him pay for what he done.  

verse 3:

I found him in the pool hall with a cue stick in his hand

I said you're mighty rough on little girls, how are you with a man

She's my little sister and I'm my Daddy's son

now I'm gonna make you pay, you're gonna pay for what you done.

verse 4:

When the fight was over he had lost a tooth or two

his nose was broke and bleeding, his face was black and blue

and I guess I might have killed him if the police hadn't come

I'm in jail but I made him pay, pay for what he done.

the end.


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