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Pay It Forward: A Movie Review

Updated on September 15, 2011

What can I say about this movie? It touched me on so many levels...I was blown away by the idea itself, of paying it forward, but the rest of the story was just beautiful. The actors did a superb job. Haley Joel Osment is an incredible actor, gifted and wise beyond his years. And I suspected this from what I saw in his eyes, so I did some research, and from the things older actors who have worked with him have said about him, it appears to be true. Kevin Spacey also did an awesome job in his role here of a teacher bearing the scars of an abused child. And Helen Hunt was wonderful as a mother who has a drinking problem but loves her son enough to stop. I have seen some Bon Jovi videos, but obviously not enough, as I did not even know he was in this movie until the end and the credits when it showed him as Ricky, the abusive ex.

This movie is one of my favorite movies. I normally try to avoid movies with swearing, but this one...I don't know, I can ignore the swearing for the messages in it. It sends a great message out to troubled families. That not giving love is just as abusive as physical abuse.

In This story, young Trevor is challenged to think of an idea that will change the world and act on it. As you can see in the trailer, his idea is to help someone in a big way, in a way they can't help themselves. Those people aren't allowed to pay him back...They must pay it forward to three other people. Even though of the three people he helps, only his mother works...or so he thinks, the movement ends up travelling from Las Vegas to L.A. where a reporter benefits from it and begins following it back to its source.

The movie does have one drawback, but even it is turned into a thing of giving and love. It was originally a book, but I have not read the book, from what I understand, the movie is better. I also understand someone has actually started a real Pay it forward movement, but I am not sure what all it involves. I think it would be a terrific thing if we as individual people were to help others as we can, and instead of requiring them to pay it back, ask that they pay it forward. I have done this for many years without even realizing I was doing it...simply by telling the person to help someone else in need.

If you are looking for a superb movie to watch, I promise you this one is worth watching.


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