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DVD Movie Downloads: Top 10

Updated on January 31, 2015

The quickest way to watch that favorite movie or television show you love is with Video on Demand and offering the most popular titles, in my opinion, is's Video on Demand Video service.  Web streaming video has become so popular, from small clips on You Tube to the latest movies on DVD and entire seasons of popular television shows, most available on HD (high definition). It is the ultimate way to watch what you want, when you want to without leaving your house to search the video stores.  In addition, watching your movies and television shows using Video on Demand is instant, quicker than subscribing to a DVD Rental by Mail service.

Some of the titles are available as a DVD rental, some are DVD sales.  Most ranging in price from $1.99 to $3.99 with the exception of the most recent releases being at a higher price.  But as we all know, give those new titles a few weeks and they become available at the lower prices.

No longer will you have to find storage for hundreds of DVD cases, especially for the movies and television shows you enjoyed but would honestly only watch the one time that you did. 

Ways to View Videos on Demand

Online Viewing: Watch your selection instantly from any PC or Mac with a broadband connection

PC Download and TiVo Box : Each selection will be ready to watch in about 30 minutes (Just enough time to get your favorite beverages & the popcorn popped)

Portable Device: Each selection ready to transfer in about 15 minutes

Connected Device: Instantly available for viewing from a compatible connected device with a broadband connection

Most Popular Videos on Demand

Each of the movies and television shows available with Amazon's Videos on Demand gives you the option to view a Free Preview before purchasing.

Amazon also offers subscriptions to their Screening Room service, giving you the latest Videos on Demand and TV News delivered to your e-mail inbox every week.


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