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Updated on November 9, 2009


Imagine hurrying to
take a long overdue

space whiz,
struggling hard to
undo your mylar,
triple seal, ziplocked
pressure suit,
only to find that your
bladder let you down
and your urge escaped
before you could
reach the hole
that vacumm grips
your buttocks
or clamps gently

on your private
tether of flesh.

Picture your futile
attempts to

scramble away
in a gravity free capsule,
backpedaling out

the toilet hatch
dodging various sized
round balls of urine,
as you make haste
from your globular waste
then slamming that
air tight hatch,
and pulling the lever,
that sucks the

offending liquid,
into the black

void of space.

Then laughing

with dismay,
as your partner
on a space walk
catches a large

bubble of your
bladder blooper,
right in his face plate
windmilling his arms,
and then sliding in
a long yellow streak
across the heat tiles he was
working so hard to repair.

Talk about being pissed off!!

"A quantum leak from the furthest outhouse known to man."



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