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Peek Inside The Madison & Mulholland Awards Season Gift Bag

Updated on February 25, 2016

VIP Gifts The Stars Receive


"Where's My Gift Bag?"

Madison & Mulholland Inc. and the 2016 Awards Season Gift Bag program is not affiliated or endorsed by the Academy Awards™, Golden Globes™, BAFTRA™, EMMYs™, GRAMMY™ People’s Choice™, Spirit Awards™ or other official awards program.

These gifts are given to the nominees as a token of appreciation for the great work they do in the Arts, Music, Film and Television. The nominees don't expect these gifts, yet they sure love this perk.

The providers hope papparazzi will get a shot of Jennifer Lawrence (nominated Best Actress for JOY) will wear a colorful YarnPop bag over her shoulder, while vacationing in Antigua.

Hopefully Cate Blanchett will wear RetroSpecs & Co. retro sunglasses to an award show.

Maybe Rachel McAdams will decorate her house with Pratesi pillows.

All should put a few Zarbee's Naturals in their purse to prevent a dry throat.

Here is what they receive in random order -

Living The Good Life



Talent receives gift certificates for four nights and five days at Antigua's boutique - Sugar Ridge Resort; The five star oceanfront resort - Curtain Bluff, and the exquisite Galley Bay Resort & Spa. From Panama, Los Establos Boutique Inn and the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority. Value $5000+. To learn more about these properties, go to the Website:

YarnPop Canvas Tote


YarnPop Canvas Totes

This U.S.A. made canvas bag is designed for knitter and crocheters who knit on the go. I think it is a colorful beach bag ideal for your sunglasses, sunscreen, smart phone and water. Retail Value: $79.

Historic Shades


Every Star Needs New Sunglasses

Inside the bag is a black eyeglass holder with historic eyeglasses inside to wear to the awards show by Retrospecs & Co. This eyeglass company custom fits each client with handcrafted historic eyeglasses in prescription and sunglass. Website:
Retail Value: $375

Colorful & Stylish Accent Pillow


Home Decor

Each bag has a Pratesi exotic print of the "Marrakesh" design cushion. They are made in a array of water colors, on crisp linen backdrop. The pillow is made in Italy and is 100% cotton.

Comfortable & Stylish Gigs Headphones


Great Sound With Gigs

The Gigs Headphones are folding Bass Bluetooth headphones that are engineered to sound better than other brands that cost three times as much. They are wireless up to 30 feet with a comfortable and slick design. Retail Value: $99 Website:

Scratchy Throat? No worries if you have Zarbee's Naturals


Stay Healthy with Zarbee's Naturals

The hosts, announcers and celebrities will want to reach in and bring Zarabee’s Natural Cough family products to their award shows, just in case they feel a tickle coming on.
The 99% Honey Cough Soothers are a minty-safe way to soothe a cough from hoarseness, dry throats, and irritants. They are made from honey and includes natural menthol and peppermint flavors. There is no processed sugar, no artificial flavors, and no artificial sweeteners.
Retail Value: $8 Website:

Mirai Clinical Products


Looking Younger

You will with Mirai Clinical LLC. Inside the beautifully wrapped box is Purifying & Deodorizing Body Care Collection with Body Wash, Body Serum, Body Bar, and Body Spritzer.

Made in Japan with Astaxanthin, Green Tea and Persimmon extract, these products can stop both the visible and invisible signs of aging with its revolutionary formula with natural ingredients.

The nominees will wear these products to ensures silky, supple, youthful-looking skin, and all-day deodorant protection. Free of harmful sulfates, preservatives, dyes and synthetic fragrances.

Retail Value: $94


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