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Ms Penelope Cruz's Best Movies of All Time

Updated on April 16, 2011

The Spitfire Spanish Beauty

This page is dedicated to the best movies from the sizzling hot Penelope Cruz.

This list of movie reviews will focus on her best representative works for which she is in a starring role.

We'll have reviews of her most iconic films accompanied by our handpicked movie still that you will love.

So sit back and get ready to watch Ms Cruz as she dazzles us with her billion watts smile, her luscious curves and amazing acting talent.

Please enjoy.

A Sensual Flirty Dance from the Delightful Penelope Cruz

Upcoming New Movies from the Radiant Penelope

Here's where you'll find the most jaw dropping pictures and movie trailers from Penelope Cruz's latest new films.

Have You Seen this Sexy Pirate of the Caribbean?

Get a Sneak peek of Penelope in Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Broken Embraces

I simply adore Penelope in this film.

She plays a pretty secretary that had no choice but to accept a relationship with her boss, an older rich man. Trap in a loveless relationship, she stays with him out of gratitude to repay his financial help with her father's illness.

He even helps her become an actress, which opens the door to her secret romance with the director of the film. The story unfolds with the inevitability of a train wreck in slow motion, weaving a tangled web of secrets, lust and love.

She looks fantastic in this movie, transforming herself as the story unfolds.

Vulnerable and innocent as the prim and proper secretary. Sophisticated and elegant as the lover of her former boss. Radiant and hopeful when she meets the love of her life.


A touching poignant tale about love between a young student and an older gentlemen who happens to be her professor.

The acting superb with great chemistry between Cruz and the always fantastic Ben Kingsley.

The cinematography and directing is superb in this film. One of the many memorable scenes that remain with me was the one of Penelope as a student sitting with rapt attention listening to her professor played by Ben Kingsley.

Jamon Jamon

For those fans who want to see a younger Penelope Cruz in her earliest breakout role. You got to watch Jamon Jamon. There's an almost pervasive connection between food and passion in this film.

Do note that there are some intense violent scenes in this film that's not for the faint hearted.

If you enjoy a great sexy spanish movie with a unique plot then this movie will be a definite treat.

A really young and brash looking Javier Bardem also stars in this movie. See sparks fly from this couple both on and off screen.

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      Husky1970 6 years ago

      I really like Penelope Cruz as an actress. You have provided some nice background on her career and movies,