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Michael Jackson success in music

Updated on May 31, 2014
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

            Michael Jackson can be simply described as a superstar, for has broken music records this year.  His new album called Thriller has sold millions and millions after millions of copies1.  People just adore him, everywhere he goes people just want to get his autograph or just get a glimpse of him.  Songs such as “Baby be mine” and “beat it”2 are great hits.  This superstar is really going help the network MTV as they are now filming the music video for the song “Thriller”.  Many people aren’t really familiar with what a music video is or has even seen one before but for sure we know that if Jackson’s doing one we all have to see it.  And since music videos are now just coming to life great success could open it self for not only Jackson but for other artists too1.  By the way its looking right now it seems that this album could be one of the best selling ever in the history of music.  People in the music industry just can’t really take it all in because it seems so impossible to do.  Jackson has come a long way from being that small lead singer on the Jackson five, to the worlds most known musician and possibly the best.  His past album was Off The Wall which did fairly well and sold many copies, plus it took home a Grammy1, but not even songs like Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough in that album could compare to the impact he has made with his new album2, by all means Michael Jackson can change the world one CD at a time.   

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