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People to Remember

Updated on November 18, 2012

Lesson From Mother Teresa

Optimism-Lesson From Mother Teresa

Optimism is an essential element needed for our day-to-day life. This is because they significantly influence our psychological, social and cultural orientations. This paper is an evaluation of how this aspect of optimism can influence the perspective of one’s life. In this context, the experiences and activities of Mother Teresa and how they related to the aspect of optimism are explored. Information from studies on her life and activities are reviewed to interelate this situation.

Mother Teresa is a well known figure in the world perspective for her humanitarian efforts in various parts of the world. The sister who was affiliated with the Missionaries of Charity Catholic Order went to great depths in assisting and encouraging sick and poor people. Born in 1910 in a family of five, she left her family at 18 to join sisterhood at Loreto. Her missionary work commenced in Darjeeling, India where she dealt with children from all levels of backgrounds. She was later transferred to Calcutta, where she encountered people in dilapidated situations, most of them diseased and poor. She was greatly mesmerised at these human conditions

In 1938, she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and this mandated her to take a break from the convent. It is at this time that she claimed to have received a call of dedicating her life in serving sick and poor people. Her request to dedicate her life for the same was granted by Pope Pius XII. She also decided to live in one of the lowest living conditions

Mother Teresa however did not have support for her efforts, having no resources even for herself. Interestingly, this did not kill her determination to live and to support others; she could be seen on streets of Indian towns begging for money for her and others. She also became concerned on teaching children practical lessons using any available facilities

In one of her humanitarian activities, Teresa had one day encountered a woman in a heap who was almost dying. She rushed the woman to the nearby hospital only to be informed by doctors that there was nothing much they could do to her. She insisted that they take concern on her and after consultations, they accepted. This led to the woman’s recovery

Mother Teresa’s story shows a life of many perspectives. Despite being herself poor and lacking necessary support, she was determined in accomplishing her live saving goals including begging on the streets. She also showed a great sense of optimism even in situations which seemed to others as hopeless. The impact of her live saving activities in caring for the poor and sick people was significant to a great extent. It is therefore a lesson to us all in taking positive attitudes towards life irrespective of the condition that one is in.


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    • profile image

      Larry Wall 5 years ago

      A very good hub.

      My only comment is to change your headline. It implies you are going to talk about multiple individuals, when the hub deals with one special person. Something like Special People To Remember: The Life of Mother Teresa.

      I saw this on Hub Hopper and offer this comment as a suggestion, feel free to delete or deny.


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