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Reasons to like the "like"

Updated on September 10, 2016

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Most people today, know exactly what Facebook is. Most people are even on it. For the 2 of you reading this that do not, Google it. It has come to my attention, that this "like" button is everywhere. From friends pages, to cupcake villas international disco and floor hockey retirees websites. You can like just about anything. Why do people like things? Let's examine the agenda of the button. To make known your feelings about a certain thing. Good, that's covered. Now, let's examine why people do.


Yes, there is a new nasa space program to get aliens an endless source of bacon. Everyone likes bacon, why shouldn't I? LIKE. This is the epic moment, where you tell everyone one about your brand new bacon discovery.

Something else happens when you press that button, all your friends see it. Then they go to look, and like, and the cycle continues. Wave after wave of ever nonsensical bacon fans rush to this site, like a group of moths to a flame. Well, just so you know, you just helped get some content spread.

For everyone whose content gets liked, you are increasing their viewing audience. This means loads and loads of new traffic, if they can keep getting that button clicked. It is an excellent tool to have at your disposal. If everything in life was like that, then we would know what brands are most liked, what are friends like to buy, and even what they like to do. That rock is not going to climb itself, is it.

That makes this button great news for anyone interested in making a website. On the net it makes it easier for people to find out what content to create. If a million people like pictures of cats, guess what, you will probably get some likes on a picture of a cat. Just by examining the likes you get, you can tell what kind of content you should produce more of. Follow the fans, they will show you the way.

Showing your interest

In the history of the world wide web, we have never been so easily able to show others, what we like. Some of us are used to spam emails with the same picture of something dumb, that has been passed around because its so hilarious. Now with just a click of a button, we can show the whole world how much you just love that picture of a cat wearing a santa hat. I mean seriously its a cat wearing a santa hat. LOL. Kidding.

This is the perfect time to let everyone know that your really getting into magic, you know.... again. You have more likes on criss angel video clips, then girls have had likes on you. If any, magic, jerk. Anyway. If your not into magic, maybe you can start liking everyone with mustache tattoos. You get my point, people "like" stuff.

Well now its your turn, to let your true self shine.

I like it

This is me liking stuff outside
This is me liking stuff outside | Source


If you want to find out about a person, go through there likes on their Facebook page. Everyone on can be broken down just by their likes, and that is how we find out ... what to advertise.

One day, while trying to sell your potato gun, that can only fire yams, or with the right angle, bean sprout soup. You look up other things that are similar, ketchup and mustard machine guns, hotdog hand grenades, my little pony on vhs. Then, you like them just because they are similar. When other people with the same interest see your like, they might just like it too.

Well this is something that advertisers and marketers count on. Advertisers can go through all your likes and produce hundreds of ads directed directly at you. Don't believe me, scroll through your new feed and see the ads, I bet you like a lot of them. I'll wait. While this isn't the only way advertisers work, it is a good one. They also track what you search for through google algorithms, but ill save that for a different hub.

It seems to me like this " like " button let's everyone like something, and that's good. Infact, I like that.

To like or not to like

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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Good article..I liked it....

    • idealist2448 profile image

      idealist2448 5 years ago

      Very playfully written. Good humor with an intersting insight into the "psyche" of people. I "liked" it, and you got my vote. Good article.Keep them coming!!

    • Rosalinem profile image

      Rosalinem 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      This is funny and well written. Voted up

    • dmop profile image

      dmop 5 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      I Like this, where's my like button? Oh, it's right there at the top, just under the Hub score. I personally believe the like button was the game changer for Facebook. Good article, voted up and interesting.