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Perhaps a UFO- Unexplainable Photo

Updated on August 7, 2011

Deland, Florida


I am not a novice to the UFO sightings they have been around for decades. I choose to ignore the flying creatures,however as I was smoking on my upper deck one early morning I saw many strange flying objects hovering near the sewage plant, not far from where I live.

I have experienced the sightings in New York in 1977, and 1987. The sightings in 1977 over the Hudson River area by the Trap Rock quarry , and the Central Electric Power property did cause quite a stir in the media. I remember reading in the newspaper that morning, that a lady in May brook, NJ had a heart attack as she was scared when she saw the sighting that early morning. The peoples animals for miles around were so disturbed, calls to the police were constant.

I was driving back from Fort Lauder dale to Naples Florida with my husband and 2 children on Alligator Alley (75), and I noticed a very large stationary bright white light, that started to move towards our car. I told my husband and he said it was a planet.

I said honey planets do not move, as it was getting closer and closer. I opened my car window and looked above and there it was, a huge circle shaped air craft with lots of lights on the bottom, flying above our car.

I saw the air craft, my kids saw the air craft, my husband would not admit to what he saw because it was unexplainable. I was told by a very reliable source in 2003, to stay away from these sightings. So I avoid any possible encounter. But that early morning smoking a cigarette there it was, and I had my camera ready to shoot the picture.

I was abducted 34 years ago, I was awake, and I know what they wanted and what they did. You are caught off guard with so much fear, you can stop them from ever abducting you the second time around. It really does not bother me if people beieve me or not, as maybe one day it will happen to you and then you will believe. They spoke with their minds only, they are very advanced, and they told me they would come back. They use humans to gather information and objects, and in the 70's they wanted to breed with human females. So you see the pilot called The V was not to far off the mark. I bet UFO aliens wrote that pilot.

The UFO aliens that were visiting New York in the 70's, as I was told, were telling the humans that we were very stupid because the cure and cause of cancer was so clear and so easily fixable. The aliens at that time were using scopes, high tech surigal proceedures that we had not developed at that time.

I often thought about what the aliens said about cancer, and I could relate the statement to our ground water contamination, the cancer caused by chemical prescription usage, and the amount of money generated from its treatments and prevention. Who causes it?

I watched the crafts move around in De land, Florida from June 2010 to October 2011. I moved from that location and never looked for the lights again. I always thought if you saw the lights and watched them, they didn't know you were watching. I was wrong, they do know you are watching. If you seek to find them, you never will, as they seek to find you!


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