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Periscoping Ins and Outs

Updated on December 21, 2015

What is Periscope?

According to periscope definition, it is a device used to view something that is otherwise obstructed, such as used by submarines to look above the water.

Periscope streams a live video and is the first device of this type created before Meerkat. It enables a new way of communicating through live broadcasts that can be streamed and joined around the world, but it allows personal close-ups that may invade one's privacy. It is loved by celebrities, including Oprah.

The application is already popular and is deemed to change professional news and other broadcasting services that can now show more behind the scenes and live events despite various shortcomings that this new application still has. There have been various issues that plagued periscope right after its release, with users reporting even most basic problems with logging.

Periscope Impasse

There are various technical issues that limit periscope's usage, such as lack of an interactive map on Android. It is difficult to follow recordings. When streaming live events, the amount of comments can be so overwhelming that it may be impossible to answer them.

There have also been other technical issues some of which may have already been rectified involving crashes, the ability to choose various options or their lack while there have also been various connection issues, such as slow connection and freezing during broadcasts. Other problems pertained to audio and signing.

These new aspects already create concerns about the invasion of privacy and unauthorized intrusions, such as those that are illegal. It can enable child privacy as well as copyright infringements.

Is Periscope Safe?

It seems that sites that derive advantages are illegal or sites showing porn. Despite the rules that govern its usage, users fail to follow them while those that become the victim have few resources to defend themselves. It is also difficult to stop broadcasting abusive videos even though videos also provide private information such as location and the surrounding of the recording. Problems with privacy settings should prevent some illegal usage of broadcast videos even though they only remain online for a short period of time.

There are opportunities to broadcast live television and live events that pose many copyright issues. There is a keen interest in broadcasting sports events that deprive those with rights. At the same time, it is almost impossible to prohibit and prevent this type of periscope usage. The rights of those who use periscope are also unclear, as those who show footage own the material, but only if it is not someone else's work while Periscope has the right to use it. Also, privacy rules may be controversial where there are no limits on privacy except if it involves bathrooms, legal and medical settings. Overall, most concerns have been expressed by right holders themselves who were unable to control the usage of their materials.

The application is useful for covering areas that have not yet been covered, but after showing the last frontier such as Antarctica what then for this app?

Other Barriers with Periscope Usage

When using Periscope, it may be difficult to beat other posts in order to have an audience. There are those though who can establish a deeper connection with their audience taking advantage of the app's inherent aspects of immediacy and this application is adverse to privacy.

Other problems include few ways to change or choose options, and at times error messages may appear.

Despite its popularity, problems exist with audience retention, as there are more viewers who prefer to casually scroll through videos without deeper engagement.


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