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Permanent Roommates - A review

Updated on February 22, 2015

Who are TVF ?

TVF - short for 'The Viral Fever' is a channel on YouTube who produce videos on satirical comedy, romantic comedy or sarcastic comedy. They produce spoofs on a variety of popular topics in Indian media, some on politics, some on cliches, some on popular TV shows or movies in India, some on hot topics. These videos are mainly targeted at Indian youth for entertainment or awareness purposes. From my viewpoint, it touches issues, hardly ever brought up before either in Indian media or otherwise. The videos tickle your chuckle-bone and at the same time make you say," OMG!!! That's so true." So, I'd recommend the channel to my fellows.


Review on 'Permanent Roommates'

'Permanent Roommates' is a TVF Drama's production. It's a romantic comedy starring 'Nidhi Singh' as 'Tanya' and 'Sumeet Vyas' as 'Mikesh' in lead roles.

Mikesh returns from US leaving behind his job to convince Tanya to marry her after a three-year long-distance relationship. He is planning a surprise to propose her as soon as he returns, literally, as soon as he returns, with his baggage along. He gives a casual phonecall to Tanya on his return and Tanya predicts that he is out there in the building coming up to her room to propose her, but she just isn't ready.

What ensues is a mix of drama and comedy. 'Nidhi Singh' and 'Sumeet Vyas' are spectacular in playing 'a confused, irritating girlfriend' and 'a romantic boy struck by a cupid' respectively. They deliberate their readiness for marriage throughout the season. Mini tales, within the season, increase the comedy quotient. In all, it's an fulto entertaining season and relatively, a short one.


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