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Persistence, Hard work and Dedication: PHD of a Successful Artist.

Updated on August 22, 2016

Life of a successful artist seems mesmerizing to a lot of us. They do what they love to and get paid handsomely for the same. Their life appears to be a fairy tale of happiness where there is no dearth of money, fame and limelight. Undoubtedly, their success inspires many of us to choose art as a profession. But one thing we should never forget is the hard work they put for attaining this success and the hardships they endured during their journey to reach where they have reached.

First of all it is important for youngsters to be clear about what they want. They should also know why they want to be an artist. Is it just their hobby or their passion? Do they really have that art they are choosing or it is just their attraction for all the uncertain reasons like money, fame or success. Many youngsters begin their journey with a big goal getting inspired with their favorite artist. But, unfortunately losetheir desire; focus and their original vision when they face the reality of the struggle an artist go through.

Yes, all those successful actors, musicians, professional singers, comedians or painters we admire were aspirants when they started. They have reached there after crossing an endless sea of precarious arrangements, commercial demands, and cutthroat competitiveness. So, if you are choosing your art as a profession, then be prepared for a roller coaster ride. If you want a normal life, get a normal job. It is as simple as that.

The biggest mistake most of youngsters do is in beginning. They emphasize more on making their art a specialist professional 'career' rather than as a passionate experiment. Goals are important, and there is nothing wrong in setting big goals. But, they should understand that they have to be a super creative artist to become a 'future star'. An artist should begin with realistic, achievable goals. These goals should be reviewed periodically by them in order to judge and gauge their progress. It can help them understand the pros and cons of themselves and changing their work and approach accordingly.

Art requires a lot of focus, dedication, time and hard work. Artists should have complete focus on their art and nothing should distract them. They must have a passion for their art and everything associated with being an artist. They should crave for improvements and try to become better every day. They should be clear what success means to them and should do whatever it requires to achieve it.

The biggest quality an artist must develop is to 'face the rejection positively'. Most people on the face of adversity will quit when they face a roadblock. But a successful and professional artist will see it as a chance of learn, grow or as a little delay in achieving their goals. Persistence is the difference between a successful artist and an artist who quits.

An artist should be very professional in all their dealings with various people. They should consider them as a product, and market themselves in every way possible. Most of the prospective clients, looking for artists for different events are booking artists online. In addition to that, artists now have a luxury to gain exposure using various platforms like social media, reality shows, talent hunts, etc. They should understand and embrace the fact that art is a competitive business and realize how to successfully operate their art as a business.


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