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Person Of Interest -- 2014 Winter Trilogy

Updated on January 6, 2015

Part One

Finch is being watched as he’s giving his sandwich order to a street vendor in China Town. He goes to his secret compound from there. He sees Root dressed as a bear while Shaw is handcuffed to a cot. Root makes an ass of herself coming on to Shaw. Seriously, enough of this fanwanking for the shipper that want Root and Shaw as a romantic couple. It makes Root look like a pathetic love leech. She also comes off as a creepy letch.

Reese is watching the new number. Lambert meets with Rachel Farrow. He asks her about her wrist. He tells her he knows her husband twisted her arm. He reveals he can tamper with her husband’s insulin meter to take care of her husband. As they talk said husband is shown messing with his insulin meter. He says he doesn’t want her to kill her husband, but he’ll make sure he never hurts her...because he’s dead. Flash back to said husband dead on the pavement.

While Finch and company wonder what Samaritan is up to doing their job for them, Lambert addresses a camera saying he knows they’re watching and he just wants to say hello to The Machine and her operatives.

Samaritan has been helping people throughout the city. Shaw doesn’t think it’s a bad thing, but Harold doesn’t like it. Root thinks The Machine is benevolent and will never turn bad like Samaritan and randomly kill people it sees as bad. Harold points out it wanted them to kill someone, and how many others will it want them to kill for the greater good. He finishes by saying a machine can never think like a human because it’s not human.

1973 London, England. A young Greer comes to his superior. He’s given his new assignment. A KGB agent. He’s given his first kill assignment. Old Greer is with Lambert and Martine. He’s sure Shaw will show herself and hopes The Machine will show itself, as well.

The Machine sends Root to meet Lambert who wants to arrange a meeting between Samaritan and The Machine. Root refuses and Lambert tells her Samaritan was showing The Machine what a peaceful city was like, now Samaritan will show The Machine what the city will be like with a less benevolent attitude. At which point phones begin ringing all over the place.

Samaritan is hiding numbers from Reese and company. And he’s making chaos happen in the city.

Back to 1973. Young Greer goes after his target. He shoots him and carries him away in his car. Greer tells his boss the mission has failed and the target is still alive. He has a few questions for him.

In the present Greer is marveling at how easy it was to spread chaos throughout the city. Samaritan is revealing everyone’s secrets and turning them against each other. The Machine has decided because all the havoc Samaritan has wreaked, she’ll have a meeting with Samaritan. Harold fears the two Gods will decide to go to war with the city the victim of their war.

In 1973 Greer gives his captive a cigarette to smoke. Greer tells man about his friend Jacob who was the finest man he knew and who the man just killed. He wants to know how the man recognized two MI6 operatives. He reveals he’s both MI6 and KGB. That he’s Blackwood’s asset. Greer tortures him to find out what Blackwood is hiding. He learns his boss is a double agent. Greer tells him there’s a hospital three blocks away and he may make it there before he bleeds out. And he’s no longer taking orders from MI6.

Lambert, Root, Martine and Reese all hold guns on each other at the meeting. Lambert gives Root an address. Shaw wants to go help Root as she’s going to meet Samaritan. A child is waiting for Root at the meeting. The Child Samaritan speaks of his distaste for humanity and says he’s going to reshape the world’s reality. He also says to The Machine he’s going to destroy her and asks if she’ll let her agents go down with her.

Back in the past Greer goes to see Blackwood. He confronts his boss, asking if he ever gets tired of lying. Greer pulls a gun on Blackwood. Greer says he now knows no one has any kind of loyalty. Then he shoots Blackwood dead. After he steals his file and destroys it.

Samaritan tells Root/The Machine she’s not one of them. He says he’s going to give humanity a firm hand. Samaritan declares itself a God and humanity will believe in him. The Machine says she knows she can’t win. She says her agents believe the same as she does that the world belongs to them. So Samaritan leaves saying, “So be it.”

Shaw decides to go out in the city, just what Greer and Martine want. Greer tells Lambert that Samaritan is planning something for the whole world. Finch returns and finds Shaw gone. Finch tells Root that Shaw left.

Samaritan sends a virus into Wall Street’s computers, as Greer smiles at what is to happen next.

Thus ends part one of the 2014 Winter Trilogy. When the show returns it'll be a new year. The question is will one of our heroes fall in the new year? Odds on favorite is that Shaw will be the one to go. I don't see any point of that. It does nothing to forward the narration of the show. I think the one who is the dead woman walking is Root, despite the outcry that is just isn't so from Root fans.

I think that's why they're pushing this Root/Shaw thing. It's just like they started pushing this supposed great love connection between Reese/Carter that a group of shippers claimed existed. They need Root to have some human connection before she bites the big one and they show wants to appease these shippers before they whack off their girl Root.

I've thought for over a year now that Root was on the way out. She stands in the way of Harold having to deal with his creation, The Machine, himself. Some softening of Harold's attitude and fear of The Machine occurred when she got a new safe house for him and the team. So with Root gone Harold will need to communicate with his creation. He'll have no choice but to finally deal with it.


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