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Person Of Interest -- A Brave New World

Updated on September 25, 2014

1984 Has Arrived in 2014

The new season opens on a world where George Orwell's prophecy about a world where Big Brother is watching has become a reality. Only Big Brother is called Samaritan. Greer is the new Finch and the new Reese is a woman named Megan Watkins. Like The Machine, Samaritan is spitting out numbers, but these numbers are of people to kill, not to save. In short, this is the bad version of Finch, Reese and The Machine.

Meanwhile our heroes are still adjusting to their new lives and not liking it too much. Shaw is a perfume sales girl and she is so not happy about that. Especially when she discovers that Reese's new identity is as an undercover cop. So while she's spritzing people with cologne he's still seeing some action. Meanwhile Finch is teaching a college course where he barely has any students. Root is still wafting around telling our heroes to heed the messenger and to blindly follow HER.

Shaw and Reese get a text message and they end up in a meeting where the guy is preaching positivity. The Machine also keeps sending Shaw a message about some guy named Romeo wanting to meet her, only she's not into online dating and ignores that message. As Reese and Shaw leave the meeting the pay phone suddenly rings. It's HER and she's got a number for them.

Ironically enough, Shaw preaches restraint and to be careful not to blow their covers. Seems she'd rather embrace her sucky new life as long as it means she stays alive and off of Samaritan's radar. Reese, however, is chomping at the bit to get back into the saddle again. He even arranges a meet with Finch to tell him they just got a new number, only Finch is having a crisis of faith and wants no part of it or The Machine.

Finch has been doing the numbers and feels they did more harm than good by interfering. And Finch seems to be right when the number leads to Ali Hasan who is being pressured by a group of thugs called The Brotherhood to create a communication network that Samaritan can't access. When Reese realizes Ali put a bomb in the phone he gave The Brotherhood, Reese gets the phone from them and saves their lives, which turns out to be a really big mistake. Since after they're saved Ali's son is kidnapped by them to force him to create their underground communication network.

I will say this to Finch. He was complaining about The Machine telling them to kill the senator and I'd say to Finch that The Machine was right. If Finch hadn't refused to comply the current mess society is in wouldn't have happened. Samaritan wouldn't be ruling the world.

Reese, never the most subtle of individuals, decides to storm The Brotherhood's headquarters and rescue Ali's son. Shaw intervenes to stop Reese from doing something he'll regret by bopping him on the head. Meanwhile Finch gets sucked into helping Ali make the communication network work. He's impressed by Ali using old TV antennas to do it.

I kind of got the feeling the way the team, once it's finally reunited, will fight Samaritan is by using all the outmoded devices that were made redundant by the advancing of technology to defeat it. Maybe that's how the show will ultimately end. By going back to a world without computers.

Of course, Reese saves Ali's son and returns it to him and then The Machine manages to give Reese a promotion. Reese will now be Fusco's partner on the force. Let the good times roll. The Machine also sends Finch a message through the grant application it made for him that leads Finch to a place that can be used as the team's new sanctuary. Finally, Root shows up to convince Shaw to trust HER and call up Romeo. Turns out Romeo isn't looking for his Juliet, but a wheel man. Or in this case a wheel woman.

Shaw can't wait to jump behind the wheel and leave the perfume counters behind for good.

I couldn't help thinking as I watched this episode of the shows that claim and episode is a game changer, but the finale really was one. The show has been morphed into a whole new show while keeping the essence of it alive. The tables are now turned. The machine in control is evil and spitting out numbers of people to kill that if perceives is a threat to it. I can't remember a show that's ever done a 180 this completely or successfully.

So now we have two machines spitting out numbers. One to kill someone and one to save someone. We already saw the Female Reese handle one such number when she was tipped off a journalist was getting suspicious of what was really going on and she dispatched him with the ease she would employ squashing a bug.

At some point it would seem these numbers the two machines are spitting out are going to cross wires and Reese is going to come across Megan Watkins. That should be an interesting meeting. Although it could prove a deadly one, as well, if she realizes he's one of the assets Greer is trying to find.

The interesting thing about this new topsy-turvy world is that all the members of Team Machine are in danger. If any of their fake identities should be discovered they could be killed. It ups not only the danger factor but adds a constant tension to the show. It'll be interesting to see how things unfold and if another member of the team could possibly ending up dying the way Carter did last season. It'll be also interesting to discover how Shaw's new gang will fit into things.

So far this is shaping up to be one of the best game changers ever that a show has managed to pull off.


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