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Person Of Interest -- A Former Number Returns...

Updated on February 18, 2015

But can she be trusted...

The most annoying number is apparently back.

Finch and Reese are at a software company called Fetch And Retrieve that run a search engine named VALS. It's run by two people named Calvin and Lauren. The new number works for them. Her name is Anna Mueller . Anna gets a text from someone name Alec telling her to meet him tonight. Reese thinks she's been knocked around by someone. Could Alec be the one she needs protecting from?

Finch sees a flyer about a missing dog and a number listed that seems to upset him. It's a new nautilus puzzle. Finch doesn't think Samaritan is behind it. Finch decodes it and finds the message, “You were right.” It's from Claire, the annoying twit Finch tried to save but who ran blindly to embrace Samaritan.

Anna meets with someone whose a mid-level coder. He tells her she should just do her job and not ask questions. Later, Anna meets Alec when she goes to an underground fight club where Anna is one of the fighters. That's where her bruises have come from. Alec is apparently her trainer. Reese says she's not a victim of abuse, she's the one doling it out. He begins to think she isn't someone that needs their protection, but someone they need to protect others from.

Finch meets with Claire. She says the people behind the nautilus game were worse than anything she thought and maybe she can break free of them with Finch's help. As she begs Finch to help her gunshots are fired and she's hit.

Finch tells Reese he's found Claire. So Reese is on his own with this number and to enlist Fusco's help with it.

Reese decides to check out Anna's house while she's at work. He sees her sister, Jill, who Anna lives with, is getting chemo at home.

Finch has Claire at a mortuary as he takes care of her gunshot wound. She says she was taken in by this group to help to make the world a better place. They had her hacking into computers for them. She also hacked the group and learned every mission she helped the group with led to someone's death. The death of a man named Charles Winn convinced her to break free of them.

Reese realizes Anna is avoiding her sister, Jill. She discovers the coder she was talking to is suddenly gone. Anna was investigating something that happened to a man named Paul Zimmerman who was using VALS and is told by her boss, Lauren, to drop it.

Finch tells Claire they're remaking the world in the image of their leader. He tells Claire about Samaritan. Claire has a flash drive that she took from them that was labeled Samaritan. It contains a source code. She wants Finch to help her kill Samaritan. Later, Finch lears, Charles Winn, worked for Decima.

Reese saves Anna when two hooded men try to attack her. Reese takes her in to see Fusco. She asks if this is about Paul Zimmerman. She says Zimmerman was sent search results on how to kill himself when he wanted to talk to a suicide hotline because he was depressed. She says a few months back someone asked her the same questions Zimmerman did VALS and if she asked VALS instead of her she's afraid what might have happened. In short, she might have killed herself just like Zimmerman did.

Finch asks Fusco to investigate Charles Winn's death. Then Finch goes back to Claire and questions her. Finch thinks Claire is working for Samaritan. Finch learned she lied about Charles Winn's death. He says to keep her flash drive and give it back to Samaritan. He says she's on her own, because after he lost Shaw he won't risk losing anyone else. Claire then gives him all the info on Winn's death and says if he leaves her when he's dead wrong he's going to lose her, too. So Finch decides to stay.

Anna's learns the EMT's are on the way to her house and her sister is crashing. But when she and Fusco arrive there's no ambulance at her house. She rushes inside to find out what's going on.

Reese finds the coder Anna was worried about hiding out and learns that he's been promoted. Meanwhile back at Anna's house, Fusco is knocked out and Anna is drugged by someone in a black hood.

Anna wakes up in the back of the car of her two kidnappers. She starts attacking them from the backseat. Guess they weren't aware of her extracurricular activities as a fighter. Then Reese shoots into their car from the front.

Fusco goes to Anna's coder friend and makes him help. Claire tries to get Finch to plug in the flash drive. Fusco stops him by sending an algorithm to him to figure out. Then Finch sees a security guard about to discover them. But can Claire really be trusted? When she was watching Finch trying to hide their presence she had a very sneaky look on her face.

Finch realizes VALS has been sending people search results that will kill them. He says the algorithm was tampered with by someone they've already met. Fusco and the coder go to Fetch and Retrieve where they walk into a trap, as the head of the company, Calvin, readies to kill them to keep them quiet.

Claire pulls a gun on Finch, after slipping and calling him Harold. Since Finch never told her his name, he knows she's loyal to Samaritan and trying to trick him to use the flash drive. She takes his phone and laptop. She says she's going to take him to meet Samaritan. So, once again, I'm rooting for someone to kill this nasty little cow. Come on Reese. Just come and put one right in her nasty little head.

Calvin reveals VALS will shape the emotions of the users so they'll buy their sponsors products, even if it kills the users.

Claire has been totally brainwashed by Samaritan and says Samaritan is trying to save them. He's making Charter Schools and trying to solve food and water problems. She wants Harold to join Samaritan. He tries one last time to get through to the moron that Samaritan is manipulating these children and turning them into a bunch of brainwashed droids like she is. She orders Harold to be taken. Then Root comes and takes out the little cretins goon squad and only shoots the cowardly little creep in the arm as she rushes back to her master to report her failure. Claire has Harold's lap top, but he planted a tracking device in it, only Greer manages to destroy it before Harold can track them down.

Creepy Claire questions Greer about how the sniper bullet wasn't supposed to hit her, but the big dummy buys what Greer is selling. So Greer is a busy boy. He's gotten his hands on Shaw and he planned to do the same to Finch. Lauren, from Fetch And Retrieve meets with Greer, who wants to acquire VALS. So was Reese set up to expose Calvin so Greer and Samaritan could get their hands on VALS?

All I can say about Root's return is, “Damn, she's back.” One free episode of her and she's returned. Well, at least she did something decent by saving Finch. Too bad Pyschorella couldn't have done something for humanity and popped that brainwashed Samaritan twit right in the head.


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