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Person Of Interest -- Blast From The Past

Updated on May 10, 2016

Reese;s past comes back to haunt him...

As we last left off, Reese may have made a bad mistake thinking one of the numbers The Machine gave him was harmless, as that number gets recruited by Samaritan. The Machine and Finch had a hard time getting back together and Finch wondered why The Machine kept showing him Grace. And Root was still hot for Shaw...YUCK!

2010 – CIA headquarters. Reese meets Terrence Beal and a woman named Cara. Terrence tells Reese he selected him. Brent Tomlinson is their person of interest. They need to find out if the Taliban gave him money.

2015 – Scalawags Restaurant. Iris and her parents are having dinner there and waiting for Reese to arrive to join them. Meanwhile, Reese is involved in hand-to-hand combat. He knocks out and cuffs a man named Kelso, and he tells another man he was sent there by his partner. He's in the bathroom of the restaurant. He answers his ringing phone and tells Iris he'll be right out.

Reese returns to the subway. Finch says he thinks its good Reese is trying to have his own life. Alex Duncan is a new number, Reese has to pretend to work in a computer consulting firm. Root is a delivery package worker, today. Finch trying to figure why The Machine spat out to him some strange code.

Reese watching Duncan. He's in security systems management. He tries to become friends with him. Duncan turns down his offer of a beer. Reese reports he's distracted and on edge and figures something is going on with him.

Duncan heads into an office when everyone goes home. He opens a safe. He starts taking pictures of the documents inside his supervisors safe. Reese follows him as he leaves. Reese sees Duncan being confronted by his old CIA boss. Finch tells him he can't let his boss know he's alive, since the CIA believes he's dead. So he has to watch Duncan being knocked out and taken away, but one can assume he doesn't intend to keep watching when he says he needs a bigger gun. Not good.

2010 – Reese and Cara calling themselves Gina and Mike waiting for a man, presumably Tomlinson. They ask him about a weapons shipment that had stingers missing from it.

2015 – Reese says Terrence finds and eliminates people they think of as enemies of the state. Reese promises to be careful.

Root thinks The Machine put her in her job because of shipments being sent to a certain building. She says the shipments are all from electronics companies. Root thinks Samaritan is behind it. It may be how it's spreading its malware.

The Machine gives Reese the last spot Duncan was seen. Reese goes in to try and save Duncan. Duncan asked why he accessed classified information by his CIA interrogators. Reese lures Terrence away and knocks out the man left with Duncan. Gunshots are fired as Reese tries to get Duncan out of there. Unfortunately, Terrence recognizes Reese even though he's wearing a ski mask, as he and Duncan get away.

2010 – Back to the interrogation. Cara searching through the man's stuff, while he refuses to answer any questions. He says he volunteered for his duty because he believed they could make a difference. Cara says the place is clean and he says that's because he hasn't done anything. Cara orders him to open his briefcase. She holds a gun on him to make him comply. He opens the briefcase and there's nothing in it.

2015 – Duncan wakes up in a high-end hotel with Reese. Finch says he has to help Root, so he'll be out of commission. Duncan says he was just looking for information on his brother Paul. Duncan says his brother is dead.

Finch arrives at the delivery truck where Root is waiting for him. Her partner was knocked out by a package that Root happened to be holding at the time. They search the truck for malware. He finds some code in the firmware that doesn't belong in it. Finch hurries out as Root's partner awakes and she asks if he's okay.

Paul was Duncan's older brother. His brother enlisted in the army. He says he and his brother hardly knew each other. His brother was killed in action. He just wanted to know what happened to him. After a few years at the firm he was in the position to find out and he's been stealing classified military files. Duncan says he learned that Paul was no hero. He was under investigation for treason. It turns out Paul was the man Reese interrogated in the past named Tomlnson. He doesn't reveal that to Duncan.

2010 – Reese killed Paul when Paul was saying after he's devoted himself to his country he deserves more than this.

I don't think The Machine 2.0 likes our Mr. Reese very much. First she hires a hitwoman to kill him and now she gives him the number of a man whose brother Reese killed. Kind of don't want to see what she throws at him next.

Reese says he sees the connection. Finch says Reese can't tell Duncan the truth. Finch says their priority is to keep Duncan safe. Reese says he has an idea how to keep Duncan safe, but needs Finch's help.

Finch on the street with his trusty lap top trying to hack in to info on Paul Duncan. Terrence takes the bait. Meanwhile Duncan and Reese break into Duncan's supervisor's safe. Finch leaves his lap top behind and takes off when Terrence traces him to his lap top.

Samaritan's malware sends all the files to Samaritan once it infects a system. Root says that The Machine sent him a message that's actually a text message. It's a poem about change, but Finch wonders what it's about. The Machine, them?

Paul was part of an operation named Desert Rain. It was a secret CIA mission and the CIA are after Duncan because they worried he would expose them. Terrence comes up behind Reese and knocks him out as he and Duncan try to leave.

Reese in a car with Terrence. Reese tells Duncan a nice fiction about his brother. Reese says Paul was innocent. Reese lies he died in the line of duty. Duncan asks Terrence if it's the truth, and Terrence lies that that's what happened to his brother. Reese attacks Terrence and the other men and the car crashes. Reese points a gun at Terrence and tells him that this ends now before walking away with Duncan.

Root installed the malware on The Machine, but she says it's isolated. Root thinks The Machine wanted the malware installed to run its course. She says they must take big risks to find Shaw and stop Samaritan.

Terrence comes up to Reese. Reese won't tell him where Duncan is. Reese threatens to make Desert Rain go public if he doesn't leave Duncan alone. Terrence says he'll leave Reese's name out of the report and let the CIA still think he's dead. He says maybe he likes knowing Reese is a ghost stilling doing what needs to be done.

2010 -- Reese says Paul was justifying too much to be innocent, so he took the money. That's why he shot him. Cara says Terrence picked Reese because he had no family and willingly walked away from the woman he loved for the job.

Reese and Iris walking. She says she notices thing but hasn't asked about his other job. Reese says his past is the problem, not his work. He says that person can't have a normal life. She realizes their relationship is over and that this is his way of ending it. She gives him a goodbye kiss and walks away.

Reese is called by Finch who says they have a new number and he walks away from Iris in the other direction.


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