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Person Of Interest -- Captain Tripps POI-Style

Updated on May 30, 2016

Can Reese and Finch stop an epidemic from happening?

Woman putting on rubber gloves as she's about to inject Shaw with a needle. Shaw attacks the nurse and injects her with her own needle. An alarm goes off and Shaw tries to hotwire her way out of the room. When Samaritan's men come in they can't find Shaw. He finds a tunnel behind the bathroom sink, though.

Reese following a new number named James. He's supposed to be in London. Someone calls James. James says he has to take care of an errand.

Root arrives and Finch tells her that The Machine has lost every simulation. She suggests he change The Machine's programming.

James in the ER. Reese says he's sick. A doctor examines him. She says he's coming down with the flu. She says she'll give him an anti-viral to fight off the flu. What Reese doesn't know is that there was something funny with this anti-viral that the clinic received.

Jeff takes his girlfriend to an expensive restaurant. She asks who he's working for. He says it's a new company. He says she should have waited for him. She wants to know what guarantee she has that he won't kill someone and end up in prison, again. He wants her to get back together with him and make up for lost time. She refuses to give him another chance.

Fusco comes to see Elias. Fusco tells Elias what he found. When Elias doesn't want to get involved he shows him that Bruce was one of the victims he's found. Fusco wants him to tell him what he knows. Elias tells him about a man named Capello. Elias warns Fusco to be careful.

Reese watches as James falls to the ground as blood comes from his mouth. He's dead and the doctors can't revive him. Reese tells him they have a problem and whatever made him sick is pretty lethal.

The men still looking for Shaw, while she breaks out of a wall into a cell with three men in prison suit orange. When two of the men try to get nasty with her she knocks them out. Then asks the remaining man how to get out. There's only one way out; through the front door.

The doctor warns the administrator there better not be another computer glitch with the meds. Reese offers the doctor his help. Two patients hear about the doctor saying the dead man might have been contagious. Finch arrives at the hospital before lockdown. Finch thinks James might have been poisoned.

A man comes looking for Fusco. It's Capello. He name drops Elias' name to him. He wants to know about truck rentals at the tunnels where bodies are being stashed before they're demolished and the bodies hidden. Fusco goes through Capello's papers and sees a picture of Jeff, the guy he remembers Reese was interested in.

Jeff tells the woman that's hired him he's having second thoughts about the job. He says the job is escalating. He mentions about Root telling him that he's working for Samaritan. She says they help make life better for people. She reveals she's having him watched by saying she knows he had lunch with his ex-girlfriend. She says if he does one more job than he can quit if he wants.

Patients are getting restless because they're under lockdown. One of the patients hears a webcast about why the hospital is being locked down. Reese manages to stop some of the people from leaving.

The doctor gets James blood work. James was infected with avian flu and then they injected him with a live flu virus instead of the anti-viral she thought he was being injected with. They think everyone in lock down is going to get infected with what James had. Sounds like more of Samaritan's work.

The inmate distracts the guards so Shaw can leave. The man stays behind to take care of his friends.

The newscast says a new pathinogenic flu virus is loose in the hospital ward. Someone starts coughing and blood starts coming out of their mouth like James did before he died.

Jeff in a doctor's examining room. The woman tells him to open the drawer in front of him. It's two vials of blood. He's ordered to make his way to the ER where everyone is in lock down. She assures him he won't be infected.

Root says she thinks the anti-viral was switched with the live flu virus. They figure Samaritan is behind this, because the doctor and head nurse complained about the computer system running the hospital so Samaritan wants to get rid of them by causing this superflu outbreak that will hopefully take them out with it.

The administrator destroys all the real anti-viral and tells Finch he's ushering in the future. Yet another Samaritan droid.

I guess since Shaw has escaped and Finch and Reese are trapped in hospital it's the perfect time for the immortal lovers to have their long awaited lovefest reunion for real, this time. They're just this insta-couple and the show is dedicating more time to them then Finch and Reese and their relationships and they've been with the show since day one. Enough with this Shaw and Root crap. I'm sick of it.

I guess not. Shaw is caught, again. He claims this is just a simulation. Shaw is apparently in South Africa. He says the simulations are built on her memories. She says she's never been in South Africa. He says she can remember killing Reese and an innocent scientist. She's not sure of anything anymore. She says he's right and this is all just a dream, then she shoots him. She takes the key out of his coat pocket.

Jeff enters the quarantine. He thinks the syringes are the cure, but the woman says they're his insurance policy. She tells him to jab the doctor and the nurse with the two needles. He says he can't kill those people. She says they'll make it look like he was part of an armed robbery if he doesn't kill the doctor and the nurse.

He prepares to kill the doctor. The administrator wants to know who Finch is working for. He claims he's going to save everyone. He thinks that by going computer it'll save lives. That humans are the disease and automation is the cure. Root calls and gives Finch a clue to how to take the hospital administrator out. Root says The Machine is working on a way to cure the virus. She pops out a new ID for Root.

Fusco stops Jeff from stabbing the doctor with the needle, but Fusco gets jabbed with the needle instead. Fusco followed Jeff there. Yep, keeping Fusco in the dark is really keeping him safe, isn't it? He's made it clear he's not going to stop trying to find out the truth, so tell him the truth. If he gets killed cause you all kept him in the dark then his blood is on all your hands. Jeff makes his escape.

You know, it's really getting old their claim that not telling Fusco is protecting him. They're not protecting anyone from Samaritan. Certainly not him. They've used him but won't let him be a real member of the team. It's stupid.

Root arrives at the hospital under her new guise of being from the CDC. She brings new anti-virals that will cure everyone. Finch feels they're missing something.

Fusco tells Reese he requested a new partner. Says he wants someone who tells him the truth. Fusco tells him to find a new partner and to not tell him how to do his job.

Finch comes to see Elias wanting to know if he talked to Fusco. He said maybe he should have told him about Bruce. Yet, another person Finch is keeping in the dark. Elias says a leader recruits all his soldiers in war and not just his favorites. Elias tells Finch that war requires sacrifice. Elias says Finch is the darkest of all of them and he hopes he's not around when Finch blows.

Jeff tells the woman he failed. She says the mission was a success. She says he's an elite controller. He can never catch avian flu. Everyone is being tested to test their genetic markers. She claims all these people will be safe from disease. She says they're going to make everyone safe once everyone's DNA is stored in the database, then she adds ominously they'll be sorted. Sounds like natural selection. Sounds likes those with the wrong genetic markers are going to be weeded out. And this also sounds like the plot from the last season of V.

Shaw gets outside her prison and takes off in a jeep. So, basically Shaw had to save herself and no one ever came to rescue her. Kind of sucks. Just like it kinds of sucks that Fusco is the only one finding out about what Samaritan is doing while the ones who are supposed to be doing something about Samaritan really aren't doing much.


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