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Person Of Interest -- Death Comes To A Team Member...

Updated on January 12, 2015

Or does it?

The Wall Street stock market continues to fall. Root tells Finch The Machine had a hacker build a program that could counteract what Samaritan is doing.

Greer tells Lambert that when Finch and company try to stop Samaritan they’ll be in for a rude awakening.

Finch, Root, Reese and Fusco head in to the stock market. Shaw is sent to go after a man that has a code to help them break into the room they need to. Only problem is the subway the man is on has a man that has a bomb strapped to his chest who wants to make a stockbroker pay for losing his money.

The team realizes they walked into a trap and are trapped inside as Greer’s people go on the attack. Root asks The Machine to think of something so they can get out of there. Everything suddenly slows down as The Machine scans through possible options.

We get a 2003 flashback from The Machine. Again, everything is in slow motion. She’s watching Finch playing chess by himself. He was playing chess with The Machine. Finch is teaching her how to play chess. Because of what Finch says she makes a move, and does likewise in the present.

Reese and Fusco have to assure Root and Finch’s escape route, as they head in to hack into the servers.

Greer loses contact with his people. He sends another welcoming party to go after them. They get the drop on Reese and Fusco.

Shaw pulls a gun on the bomber. She threatens to shoot him unless he removes the vest. Shaw gets arrested for shooting the bomber to stop him from blowing everyone up. Shaw tells Root she and Finch are on their own.

One of Greer’s men shoots Harold as he and Root are about to hack into the server. It appears that he dies. It was only a simulation The Machine was running. And everyone is still back where they were. What a nasty fake-out. I thought Harold was really shot. So was Shaw also not arrested?

Back to 2003 and the chess game. He talks to her about how the queen can be used as sacrifice and a trick. Finch actually beats The Machine.

It tries another option. This time Fusco and Reese are sent to the server room to hack the computer, while Harold and Root go in the opposite direction. Greer doesn’t give Martine any orders, this time. Root and Finch go to disable the electrical system. While he starts the generator, Root goes to disable the elevator.

Shaw asks Reese how to talk down a psycho in a bomb vest. He tells her to convince him his life really matters. He starts crying that his wife is sick and he has no way to pay her medical bills. Shaw ends up shooting the bomber, again, and gets arrested.

Reese breaks in the server room with guns blazing. Fusco is talked through the hacking by Finch. Reese and Fusco have to take cover. Reese decides to sacrifice himself after locking Lionel in a closet. Reese is shot by Lambert but blows him and Samaritans people up, as well.

More of Root’s gross flirting with Shaw. She’s trying to get her to talk about her feelings. Root says they’re perfect for each other. Shaw just tells Root what she wants to hear and says maybe some day before she’s shot down by Martine and her people.

Yet another simulation. God, even The Machine is fanwanking this Root/Shaw crap now. I’m sorry, but Shaw has never shown to be romantically interested in that twit. And I never bought the Reese/Carter crap last season, either. It just seemed like it was tossed in there to appease some shippers, and I always thought this show was much better than that.

Now everyone is going to the server room to hack the server instead of splitting up. Fusco kisses Root. He says he did it because they’re in a simulation. This time Shaw asks Fusco for advice on how to deal with the bomber. He doesn’t give her any good advice. She tries to talk to Gary, again. She gets all the people on the subway to tell him everyone has it hard, and he’s not alone. This time the man unhooks his bomb and he’s the one who gets arrested, not Shaw. She gets the code from the man on the subway.

The computer likes this simulation. Then things start going wrong and Samaritans operatives are approaching. A gunfight ensues. The Machine feels this is the best option and some of them might survive.

Back to the 2003 chess game. This time Finch loses the game. She wants to play again, but he won’t do it. Says he doesn’t enjoy playing chess. He says it’s a game that was created during a brutal age and kings were considered more valuable than people. Everyone should have the same value. She can’t give him or anyone else more value than the other and anyone who looks on life as a game of chess deserves to lose.

Real time is back, as The Machine tells Root to have everyone go to the server room and then the mechanical room. Everything seems to be playing out like it did in the simulation. Finch and crew manage to stop Samaritan’s plan for the stock market. Now the team is in the electrical room. Once again Martine and her people arrive as the team prepares to fight for their lives. John gets shot taking a bullet for Finch. Root is shot, too. Shaw shows up on the scene. Shaw sets off the bomb. Once again Root is coming on to Shaw as they get in a gunfight. Shaw kisses Root before sacrificing herself to appease the repulsive lecher. YUCK! Then she sacrifices herself so the team can escape. The elevator doors close as a shot echoes. Minutes before Martine had a gun pointed at Shaw's head.

Why couldn’t it have been creepy Root. Really wish this show would stop caving to the shippers. It just cheapens it And wish it had been creepy Root, instead, that bought the farm.

Although the promo for next week seems to be saying Shaw is alive. But fans claims Sarah Shahi is pregnant and that's why she's being written out. However, this three part trilogy is going exactly the way last season's did. And the one last season has it looking like Lionel was a goner when it was really Carter. If by same miracle Shaw does survive, I think Root has to buy the farm. After the shipper pleasing kiss Root will even be a bigger sexually harassing letch when it comes to Shaw than she was before, and that will be absolutely unbearable.


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