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Person Of Interest -- Finch Goes Rogue

Updated on June 14, 2016

While Reese, Shaw and Fusco try to save the President

Last week, it was POI's 100th episode and it delivered in spades. Finch made the mistake of going to a cafe he went to with Grace and Samaritan got a bead on him. Elias lost his life trying to protect Harold and the same thing happened to Root when she took a bullet that was meant for Finch. This proved to be too much for Finch as he finally snapped and told Samaritan he was going to kill him then got The Machine [who took of the deceased Root's voice] to help him escape from police custody.

I have to say I did feel bad that Root died, but at the same time I was also relieved she died. Maybe the real Shaw can come back for the last three episodes and we won't have to deal with Shaw 2.0. I don't think I've seen any Shaw fans saying how they wanted Shaw turned into a lesbian and to get together with Root. It seems it was only the Root fans that pushed for it and got it. Now they're having a fit because they didn't think the show would dare kill their idol off. They thought she was the star of the show. Never mind the show existed quite fine before she ever start appearing on it.

Shaw didn't show for Root's funeral; just Reese and Fusco. Reese says it's time to finish what Root started and they need to find Finch and they need Shaw.

Finch trying to fix his car. The Machine talking to him. Asking where he's going. She changes her voice to his old teacher. Then goes back to Root's voice. The Machine says she loved Root. Then the police show up, asking if he's all right. The cop says his car is missing his plates. Finch calls himself Osprey when asked his name. The Machine makes it seem Finch owns the car.

Shaw on the playground on a merry-go-round. She's rubbing the back of her neck where the implant was possibly wondering if this is another simulation. Reese shows up. Shaw tries to give herself up to Samaritan but The Machine covers for her and gives her and Reese new ID. Shaw says she doesn't want to do anymore numbers and just go after Samaritan. You know, that's kind of what they should have been doing all season. She also thinks this is another simulation, but Reese assures her it's real and begs her to help him find Finch. The phone suddenly rings and it's a new number. This time it's the president of the US. Reese says they're going to DC.

So, she's still Shaw 2.0. Oh, joy!

Logan Pierce refused to share his info with the NSA. Bet Samaritan is going to love that. Big Brother doesn't like anyone who keeps secrets from it.

The president attending a fundraiser. The press thinks it's to distract the public from the president's latest surveillance proposals. Logan Pierce shows up at the fund raiser. Pierce gets him and Reese in, since Shaw wouldn't help Reese.

Reese wonders what Pierce is doing there.

Tracy Phillips introduces herself to Shaw.

Reese goes outside to check it out and finds a bomb and tells Shaw to get out there and help him. The president arrives. Shaw and Reese put it inside of the refrigerator before it explodes. The explosion is heard as a message is telling them to stop the spying. Reese wonders if Pierce is behind it. Pierce makes a quick get away after the party.

Finch in a diner. Finch says pain tethers him to the world. Finch says justice is important and all his crimes have gone unpunished. Finch tells The Machine the damage freeon did to the environment. Finch is comparing himself to the inventor of freeon. The Machine asks Finch to let her achieve her full potential. She says she could help so many if he unshackled her. Finch said for so long he wanted to do nothing but good, but now it's time for a different tactic.

Fusco assigned to keep a close eye on the president. The caterer doesn't have a criminal record. Reese and Shaw kidnapped him. Reese starts questioning him. When he gets nowhere, Shaw takes a crack at him. He cracks and says this is what they're fighting against. Reese pulls her off the caterer. They let the caterer escape.

Fusco says the president is scheduled to make a speech.

The caterer goes to a brownstone. Shaw decides to go in. She sees they're having a meeting. Shaw sees a room full of monitors and has a gun put to her head by Mrs. Phillips.

All the people surround Shaw. Phillips says their rights have been taken. Shaw tries to talk her out of killing the president. Then the lights go off and Fusco comes to the rescue. Phillips says it's too late. The plan is already in action. Shaw goes to rush off to where the president is making his speech, as does Fusco. They all try to figure out where the assassination attempt will come from.

Shaw knocks down a man on the roof and takes his gun. Reese feels like he's being watched. He runs into another past number. Fusco tries to get answers from Phillips but she won't say anything. Fusco figures out it's a drone that's going to attack.

The drone starts approaching the crowd. Reese tells Shaw to take a shot at the president to stop him from getting into the car that the drone is aiming for. The drone hits the car, but the president is fine.

Now Reese and Shaw are trapped on the roof with secret service trying to kill them for trying to kill the president.

They have to make a run for it. Secret Service gets the drop on Shaw, Reese and Fusco. Reese and Shaw are able to knock out the secret service. Now the other group shows up to kill Shaw and Reese. They're saved by another former number. He smuggles them out dressed as the military.

Shaw thinks Samaritan decided the president was irrelevant and wanted him taken out. She says she's not going going to let that happen. Harper shows up to save Fusco with fake ID.

Finch in Texas. Finch intends to release Ice Mind a virus on Samaritan, even though it could cause devastating consequences. Finch says that he misses Root's voice so he doesn't mind her using it. A soldier gets the drop on Finch, but he lets him go when he says there's a donor to save his daughter but his daughter will die in five weeks if he doesn't let him go.

The Machine sent the former numbers to save them. Harper, Pierce and another former number are working for The Machine. Pierce gives Reese a picture of Finch before the three take off to take care of a new number.

Reese tells Fusco that Finch is their number and they've got to find him.


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