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Person Of Interest -- Finding Finch

Updated on June 21, 2016

Finch and Greer have a final showdown!

Last week, while Finch was trying to steal a dangerous computer virus to use against Samaritan, Reese, Shaw and Fusco were trying to save the president from an attempt on his life by a group that wanted the surveillance to stop. Along the way they found out The Machine has assembled another team to do numbers who ended up saving their lives.

The Machine talking to Finch asking how they got to this place. He says this is the only way to stop Samaritan even though they'll be ramifications. The Machine asks if Harold regrets creating her.

The Machine calculates what the world would be like if Harold hadn't created her. Finch with his partner Nathan talking about some attacks that happened and might not have if he'd created The Machine. The Machine says Nathan would have lived, but he might never have met Grace.

The Machine driving Harold. He asks her what chance they've got. She says it's a long shot but the only shot they got.

Shaw and Reese go to the subway. Bear happy to see Shaw. The phone suddenly rings.

Fusco returns to the police department. Fusco learns a bunch of bodies turned up in a tunnel in Queens and they're trying to identify them. Agent Laroux comes to see him.

The Machine gives Greer as the new number. Reese thinks Finch is going to try and kill him.

Harold arrives at an airstrip with a plane ready and fueled for take off.

[Note: Apparently, I got the virus name wrong, last week. It isn't Ice Mind it's Ice-9. Sorry, about that. Although to be fair, I think Ice Mind makes more sense, cause if it's a computer virus it's going to freeze up a computer's mind.]

The Machine calculates what Fusco's life would be like. Fusco comes to work drunk. Fusco doesn't have a badge anymore. This is apparently what Fusco's life would be like if Finch hadn't made The Machine. Carter would be alive and Fusco's boss. He'd have been part of HR. She's tells Finch about this version.

Finch in Paris, apparently, meeting someone.

Fusco questioned by Laroux about the bodies. He shows Fusco his board of missing persons. He says he and Fusco will be working together.

Reese and Shaw get another phone call to help them find Harold.

Finch has the NATO minister of defense in the backseat of his car and he's allowed through the gates.

Reese and Shaw get directions to Fort Meade.

The NATO minister asks Harold to drop him off. Finch intends to switch places with him. He shoots the man with a dart and takes his place.

Now it's Shaw's turn at her future simulation. Shaw kills a former number that Finch had saved. He says he's sorry about what Shaw's life would have been like. More crap about the great love affair of Shaw and Root and how it changed Shaw's life for the best. Yeah, whatever. Yep, it was Root who she had a few scenes with compared to all her exposure to Finch, Reese, Fusco and Carter. And every time they pander to Internet shippers like this, I'm glad the show is ending, because once you start pandering to online shippers it's the beginning of the end for a show, anyway.

Finch trying to see the deputy director. The Machine tells Harold from this point he's on his own.

Reese and Shaw outside wondering how Finch could have gotten into the NSA. The Machine points them to a way to get inside, too.

Finch tries to get through a retinal scanner and finally makes it through after several tries. He goes into a computer room. This is where Samaritan lives and he decides to infest his home with a deadly bug.

Reese and Shaw sneak into the building. They attack two people to get uniforms before preparing to climb through the vents. Reese gets a little antsy about having to climb through the vents.

Finch says he wishes there was another way and he's sorry to The Machine, as it will also kill her, as well. Men come and surround him. Samaritan has him in his sights. It seems they stopped Harold from infecting Samaritan or have they?

Fusco is knocked out while trying to talk to Reese and Shaw.

Finch is welcomed to the operation center of Samaritan. Greer welcomes him. Finch says Greer thinks he's won but he hasn't.

Greer says their game of cat and mouse has come to an end. Greer says he uploaded the virus but it needs his voice to activate it. Greer says The Machine will be killed if he unleashes that virus. Greer says Finch doesn't want to hurt his Machine. Greer says he wants to show Harold something.

Fusco wakes up in the back of a car. He tells Laroux he knows that his organization is behind the bodies. He admits to putting down all those people. Laroux says Fusco will die a hero. It seems Laroux is just another Samaritan stooge.

Greer trying to show Finch that Samaritan is doing good things. Finch says what about the people they've killed. Greer says an ASI is the only way for the world to survive. Greer says Samaritan wants his Machine to be his companion. Yeah, right.

Reese and Shaw find themselves in the NSA evidence lock-up. They figure The Machine pointed them there because The Machine needs a way to contact Harold.

Greer says he's given Finch a chance to save his machine. Finch wants to let humanity determine it's own fate. Greer says a new ASI will emerge if he succeeds in killing Samaritan. Finch says Greer is the problem. He corrupted Samaritan. Greer says he didn't do anything. Finch says he'll never join him or allow their machines to join because he'll never know that Samaritan cares for all of mankind. Greer realizes that The Machine doesn't know the password, because Finch doesn't trust it.

Greer says he's got Finch in an airtight room so Finch can't activate the virus. Greer says he doesn't mind dying for Samaritan. Greer falls on the floor dead as Finch tries to crawl to the door and find some way out.

The Machine searching for Finch. He's able to input the code on the door to escape thanks to The Machine being able to communicate with him. The Machine gives Finch a choice: go to save Reese and Shaw or deploy the virus. She says that Reese has always been on borrowed time. In the alt-world Jessica turned him away and he killed himself. Finch chooses Reese and Shaw. He helps them out of a shoot-out.

Samaritan sends its men after them as Finch is trying to get them to leave to save themselves. Reese and Shaw save each other, Finch locks them out as he goes to activate the virus.

Fusco taken down to the tunnel to be killed. Laroux shoots Fusco, but Fusco was playing possum. Fusco had a vest on. Fusco holds him at gunpoint. Fusco not sure if he should kill him. If you don't, he'll kill you. Just saying...

The Machine said she shown him the alt because she knew he was having doubts because of what it would do to her. She shows him one other simulation. Greer is showing his system to a senator and he's becoming concerned his system is over-stepping its bounds. Root is working for Greer. Samaritan stills exists and Greer sends Root to kill the senator.

Finch says he promised her he'd never hurt her again, but she says it's okay if he breaks this promise. Samaritan starts talking to Harold to stop him from unleashing the virus. He claims what he's doing is inevitable. Harold gives the activation for the virus, Dashwood. As he walks out Samaritan's screen starts to scramble.

I imagine the finale will deal with the repercussions of what Harold has done. Could he have brought about all the fears of what would happen with Y2K to save humanity? And is Samaritan really dead or will he try to take everyone down with him as the virus infests him and makes him inoperable?


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