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Person Of Interest -- Flight To Nowhere

Updated on January 17, 2014

Istanbul with a layover in Rome

Mr. Reese may be finished with Mr. Finch but the machine isn't finished with Mr. Reese. In fact, SHE's watching him as he tries to book a flight to Istanbul then hacks into the airports computer and manipulates him into taking a flight to Istanbul that has a layover in Rome. It also has their next target flying on in in the form of Owen Matthews.

Owen is being escorted by two armed guards. When John goes into the John he finds one of the guards out cold and his gun is missing. He goes to warn the other guard something's up and the man passes out from being drugged. Leaving Mr. Reese the choice of walking away or being forced to do something. Little does he know that walking away could mean the death of everyone on the plane, including himself.

Reese calls Finch pissed off for him pulling a fast one and trying to manipulate him into doing a mission. Finch doesn't have any idea what he's talking about and says the machine must have done this on its own. So Finch tries to find out just why someone on the plane wants Owen Matthews [who looks like a harmless nerd] dead on arrival.

In the papers the big news is the Black Market Bazaar, a drug website. Turns out Owen Matthews is connected to it. Owen, at first, says he only programmed the site, but after someone tries to put a plastic bag over his head and smother him he admits he's the one behind it. That's he's the one known as The Sphinx.

Finch has to send Shaw in to find out from her old associates [who tried to kill her] just why they want to kill Owen and how many agents they have on the plane. She actually has to go to Hirsch. No, he didn't die in the bank explosion. All he got was a few scratches on his face. It seems several people want Owen dead because he knows too much and he can't be left alive in case he might talk.

Reese manages to take out the couple posing as honeymooners who are really assassins and everything seems like it's all over. Then Finch reveals there's another assassin on the plane and he believes he intends to crash the plane and kill everyone on board just to kill Owen. It turns out it's the flight attendant.

He takes care of the pilot and co-pilot and disengages the automatic pilot. While Reese deals with him, he tells Finch he has to land that plan by remote control from where he's at. Finch doesn't want to do it and doesn't think he can, but Reese tells him if he doesn't everyone on the plane will die.

Having no choice, Finch connects a mock plane wheel so he can hack into the plane's controls and begins the process of landing the plane. Thanks to Finch everyone disembarks safely and a tragedy is averted. Of course, no one will ever know Finch saved all those lives. And perhaps that's the mark of a true hero. Just doing the job of saving lives without getting any accolades for it.

Finch comes to Rome where he meets up with Mr. Reese, probably expecting this will be the last time they ever see each other again. He invites Reese to sit down and to share a drink with him. When Reese shyly asks if he knows where he can get a suit made, Finch is like a child on Christmas morning getting the present he wanted most. He excitedly tells Reese where he can get a suit made, knowing this means Reese is ready to come back to work.

I know a lot of people wanted Carter and Reese to be a couple, but Reese and Finch are the true couple of this show. They're both two lonely men who had no one until they found each other. Not everything has to be sexual. A friendship can be just as good as a sexual relationship.

In a strange way when Carter died I thought the show was sending the shippers a message. Here's the moment you shippers have been pushing for, but that's all you're going to get. Enjoy it because it's over. This isn't THAT show. We're not going to sacrifice story to appease a bunch of loud pushy shippers. And with the remaining characters left the show is hopefully now shipper proof.

I was actually glad we got a Root-free episode. I think I resent the fact she has this supposed close relationship to a machine that Harold created. She's actually my least favorite part of the show. The all-knowing psycho slave to HER. Now if they'd killed her off I don't think I'd care and I might even do a happy dance.

I have to admit when Carter died I cried. She thought she'd won, only to be shot down. It was just so unfair. But then life is unfair. From the promos it made it seem like Fusco was the one who would die and I was prepared for that. So it was a shock when he survived and Carter died, instead.

I also have to say that I like Shaw. I find her character interesting and her emotionless coldness at times can almost make you laugh. Like her reaction to finding out she had to go find out what she could from the people who tried to kill her. I don't really know why so many people hate Shaw. When Reese took his time out and if Jim Caviezel ever left the show, I could see the show continuing on with Finch and Shaw, who have their own type of a relationship going on. I thought she filled in pretty good for Reese when Reese abandoned Harold to dwell in his pit of pity.

Anyway, the team can get back to business next week and deal with whatever may be coming their way next.


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