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Person Of Interest -- Getting The Bugs Out

Updated on May 9, 2016

The Machine is more enemy than friend...

On our last episode The Machine finally decompressed herself, but it remains to be seen if it's going to be the same machine the team is hoping for.

Two months have passed since The Machine got turned back on and to say she's got some bugs in her programming is the understatement of the year.

The Machine keeps putting different faces on Finch and the other's faces. Finch realizes there's a problem with facial recognition. He'll soon discover that's minor compared to some of her other issues.

Root wonders about Finch's priorities when he wants The Machine to start providing numbers. Her priority is Shaw and stopping Samaritan.

Reese and Finch in a van. Reese says it's gotten real quiet at work. Finch asks Reese about Iris. He says they've had a few dates. Finch says Samaritan is preventing murders. Reese and Finch don ski masks. They break into a building and Reese takes the men out. They find more parts for The Machine that will hopefully stabilize her.

After the new parts are installed, Finch says it's time to wake The Machine back up. The Machine has a lot of flashbacks of the past. Finch tells The Machine to locate the primary asset. The Machine identifies Reese as a number that should be taken out, which was a warning right there that none of them took seriously. Root sees The Machine as a way to find Shaw. Oh, God, not the Root/Shaw faux love connection, again. She only become tolerable again when she stopped that crap. The Machine rings the phone in the subway and gives Finch a number and he says it's time they got back to work.

The Machine gives Finch 30 numbers. Root is looking for Shaw. Finch wants to close the system because he thinks if it falls into the wrong hands it could be a disaster. Reese and Fusco working on a new number. The number is a kid that called in a bomb threat to get out of a math test. The Machine identifying wrong numbers and blurring faces.

Finch keeps thinking he's seeing Grace. Finch has The Machine run them and it shows all the bad things they've done. Root and Finch suddenly get trapped in the subway car as The Machine identifies them as threats.

The Machine keeps skipping back and forth through time. Finch telling her what's evil in life. He's showing her pictures of criminals and victims. Then he asks her which is which.

The phone rings and Root breaks the window in the subway car. Reese watching another number that seems to be wrong. Fusco was given a homicide from fifty years ago and ends up in the grave yard. Finch realizes The Machine can't tell the past from the present.

Reese realizes that there's been a sudden increase in suicides. When Fusco brings up the sniper, Reese tells him to let it lie, again. Reese wheedles it down to two numbers. Fusco gets on Reese about how his co-workers don't know him and Reese is lonely. Reese takes Laurie and gives Fusco the gambler. Then Laurie comes walking through the door with a cornpone accent and acting all innocent.

When Root suggests rebooting The Machine she shoots a loud noise through Roots head and starts talking to Root and Root says she's scared of them. When Finch asks who they are, The Machine identifies them as threats.

Laurie asks Reese to come look at the apartment; she thought she heard someone break in. Finch asks Reese to help them, he's not sure what The Machine may do to them. Then sweet little Laurie opens fire on Reese, when she follows him as he leaves to head to the subway.

Finch wonders if she's a Samaritan operative. Reese can't come and help them. He could lead her to The Machine.

Finch comes towards The Machine saying they're not going to hurt her and The Machine shoots a sharp pain through Root's head. Finch tries to convince The Machine that Root has changed, and The Machine shows flashbacks of Root's violence. Then The Machine shows all the times Finch has tried to kill it. Finch wonders who to choose if it comes down between them and The Machine. Root wants to take herself out of the equation so The Machine will have no leverage against Finch. Root says he can fight The Machine on his own.

Finch goes to work trying to get to The Machine. He learns The Machine is the one who sent the hit woman, sweet little Laurie, after Reese. Finch says this has to stop.

Reese trying to catch the hit woman in a shopping mall.

Finch asks The Machine to call off the hit. The Machine plays Finch saying she had to weigh the good versus the bad. Finch says he was wrong, there are no heroes or villains, they're all just doing the best they can. He says he's sorry for everything and he just did the best he could.

The Machine says certain things are unforgivable and shows Reese. Finch tells Reese The Machine sent the hit woman after him. Finch realizes The Machine is reliving the 42 times that he killed it. Finch starts showing The Machine the numbers they saved to get through to it and anchor it in time.

Fusco manages to save the gambler when a thug he owes money to shows up and he pulls a Reese and shoots the guy in the kneecap. It seems this was one number that was right.

Finch promises The Machine they'll try their best but they might not always do the right thing. It remembers all the people they saved. The Machine says she's sorry and he says we all do horrible things. Reese gets the drop on the hit woman. Did he kill her? I guess that we'll never know.

Finch asks The Machine to show him Grace. He asks why The Machine kept showing him to her, and The Machine replies she doesn't know what he means.

Root is finally able to leave the subway. Finch agrees to leave The Machine open for the time being. The team has a picnic in the park. Finch thinks the problems with The Machine are over, but one of the numbers Reese thought was harmless takes a job with Samaritan. The Machine watches him and starts re-evaluating him.


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