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Person Of Interest -- Harold's Plan Is Revealed

Updated on March 27, 2015

But someone close is out to foil it...

The opening recaps feature Beth Bridges meeting Harold and Harold asking if it was installed in her computer. So we're going to finally learn just what Harold was up to in Hong Kong.

Reese is gambling as a way to keep his eye on the new number. A blonde comes up to him. Francesca “Frankie” Wells is the new number. She pours a drink on her boss, Ray. He takes her out. She starts beating him up when Reese comes to save her. She gets away as a bunch of men get the drop on him.

Root comes to see Harold. He's going to have breakfast with Beth Bridges. She's talking to a Mr. Flint. She tells him her algorithm is going to be installed in her investor's system. He asks her to have dinner with him tomorrow night to celebrate.

Reese sees Iris at police headquarters. She says she has to end their therapy sessions. She says the reasons for this is not important. She's also very cool to him.

Reese tells Fusco Frankie's been hunting Ray and is trying to kidnap him.

Finch upset when he's sent Beth's number as a new number.

Frankie is a bounty hunter. She takes after Ray with Reese's handcuffs on her. Ray gets saved by Harper Rose now calling herself Athena. It seems it's old home week for both our boys, this week.

Reese tells Frankie he's the best hope she has of finding Harper. She's after Ray who she put up bail for and will lose a million dollars if he doesn't show up for his court date.

Finch tells Root that he thinks he triggered Beth being a number because he sat down with her for breakfast. He asks Root for help, but he still won't tell her what he's hiding.

Later, he finally tells Root that Beth's work has attracted Greer. They see a man coming up to Beth and saying they have to talk.

Frankie and Reese corner Harper. She won't tell them where Ray is.

Harold finds his office ransacked. Root wants to know what's going on.

Harper calls someone named Dash. Frankie and Reese follow her as she takes off. Men start firing at the car. Reese and Frankie take them on. Reese gets knocked out and Frankie is caught. She's knocked out after being confronted by a Mr. Worthy.

Reese and Frankie wake-up together. He's handcuffed in a meat market and so is she. Mr. Worthy wants to know where Ray is. He stole 100,000 from Worthy. He gives Reese and Frankie ten minutes to give him info.

Finch admits he gained access to Beth's computer. He says her program will be installed in Samaritan days from now. And with it a trojan horse virus he's created.

The man bothering Beth is her ex-husband. Root thinks he was the one who broke into Finch's office because he was jealous.

Frankie picks the lock on their handcuffs and gives Reese a kiss before taking off on him.

Finch tries to find out what Root is up to. He finds her in Beth's room searching it. He asks if Root is the threat to Beth's life. She says she is. That she's going to have to kill Beth.

Reese and Fusco trying to find Ray to find Frankie. Fusco thinks Ray is a killer. An accountant had his throat slashed and he worked for Ray. Reese thinks both Frankie and Harper could be in danger.

Harper delivers Ray his money and new documents. He tells her to come up to where he's standing.

Finch realized Root was watching him with Beth and trashed his office. Root says Beth is going to get Harold killed and that's why she has to die. She says she'll make sure Beth's death in painless.

Reese realizes that Ray isn't the perp, Frankie is. The accountant was Frankie's brother who was killed. Harper is working with Frankie. Frankie comes in and prepares to kill Ray.

Finch begs Root not to do this. Finch says his life is worth risking to take down Samaritan. She says she can't lose him. He takes the stuff she was planning to give to Beth. He says if he's dead, Root doesn't have to kill Beth.

Reese comes in and stops Frankie. Ray grabs Harper and holds a gun to her head.

Worthy shows up as Frankie and Reese are in a gunfight to try to save Harper.

Root tries to call an ambulance for Harold, but he says when they arrive he won't go.

Harper offers Worthy Ray's flash drive. Harper brokers a deal. Worthy doesn't kill Ray and walks out of there and Reese gets to arrest Ray. Reese asks Frankie not to kill Ray so he can save Harper and she reluctantly agrees. Reese kneecaps Ray when he tries to shoot Harper.

Root tries to convince Finch that it's not his fault Shaw might be dead. She promises not to kill Beth and Harold agrees to let her save him. Reese discovers Harper is getting texts from the machine.

When Finch goes to see Beth she wants nothing to do with him. Someone, probably Root, sent a text from she forged something, from Harold's account. So she thinks he's trying to bring her down, when he almost killed himself to save her life.

Iris asks Reese to her office. Iris says she has feelings for him. That it's inappropriate and wrong. She kisses him. Too bad she and Reese don't have the chemistry that Reese and Frankie had. In fact, I don't see any chemistry between Reese and Iris, at all.

Finch confronts Root over what she did. She says it had to be. Root destroyed his activation device so he can't use it. She says she'll understand if he doesn't want to be friends anymore. He says he doesn't want to see her for awhile. She walks off saying it was a brilliant plan that would have gotten Professor Whistler killed. But did she really destroy the Trojan, or does she plan to use it, herself?

So it seems the machine is recruiting new members for the team even though Finch isn't. Although I'm sorry it's the ever annoying Harper Rose.

Shockers, but I actually liked Root in this episode. I think I got so turned off by her, because the whole Root/Shaw thing seemed to be manufactured to pander to some shippers who wanted to see Root/Shaw in some relationship and it came out of nowhere and wasn't the least bit believable. Harold and Root's relationship is organic and natural and has grown over time and is believable. Also Root doesn't act towards Finch like some aggressive sex stalker like she did with Shaw.


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