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Person Of Interest -- Karma

Updated on March 10, 2015

Dr. Edwards is a man after Reese's heart...

2010 – Finch in a wheelchair. He puts up a woman's picture. It's Alicia Corwin. He tells her he knows she killed Nathan Ingram. Then he puts together a bomb. He hears her call Special Council. His picture comes up on the computer screen as non-relevant.

2015 -- Harold says Ingram was his best friend and in an instant he was gone. He's seeing a Dr. Edwards claiming he's afraid he'll never get back the use of his arm. Fusco speaks in Finch's ear as he continues feeding his spiel to Edwards. His wife, Alicia, was killed several years before. Finch sees a picture of the man's wife who died 8 years ago.

Reese and Fusco listen to another patient seeing Edwards. She's talking about how the guy who paralyzed her is still out partying. Edwards tells Angela that karma will find a way of making the man pay.

Reese goes to see Iris, again. She asks how he handles loss. He says developing new habits isn't as easy as it sounds.

Finch asks Reese how his session with Iris went, but he says no comment. Finch breaks into Edwards apartment and runs into his dog. He finds Edwards' wife's belonging all over their apartment even though she's been dead for 8 years.

A woman brings mail to Edwards. She invites him out but he says he already has another date. Reese sees Edwards plant a gun in someone's gym locker. Then Reese sees Edwards go into a bank. Reese thinks he may be planning to rob the bank. But he doesn't. He picks up a card and leaves. He uses a code to go into the security entrance. Then he makes a call to Afterhour Management. He tells someone that his assets are being frozen. The guy is the man who put Angela in her wheelchair.

Edwards calls Brian Humphries in the bank to say the man coming in is planning to rob the bank. The man is taken down by security for trying to rob the bank. Meanwhile Finch discovers that this isn't the first time Edwards' has framed someone in the name of karma.

Finch reveals he's put seven people in prison who had harmed his patients. He's been doing this since he wife was murdered. It seems Edwards began this when the person that murdered his wife got a light sentence.

Finch and Reese watch Edwards come home. They wonder if he's planning another frame at an elite gala in his honor. Reese and Iris attend the gala together.

Edwards' on stage giving a speech. He shows a picture of his wife, Lucy. He tells how they met. Finch says someone is sneaking in through the service entrance and it's Morris, the guy that killed Edwards' wife. He's gotten out of prison early. Morris comes up to Edwards' and they start fighting while Morris is dragged out.

Reese saves Edwards from getting in his car before it blows up. Then he asks why Morris wants Edwards dead.

2010 – Reese rolling down the street in his wheelchair. Someone calls him but no one says anything when he answers. He sees Alicia Corwin get out of her car and then the phone booth phone rings. Finch rolls over to it and listens. He looks up at the monitor talking to The Machine saying he knows its trying to stop him from doing this. He prepares to put a bomb under Corwin's car.

2015 – Reese and Fusco question Edwards about Morris. Edwards talks about how it was snowing the night Lucy was killed. He saw a delivery truck sitting outside their house. He saw a package lying on the floor. Morris denied he had anything to do with his wife's death.

Reese wonders why Morris would put a bomb in Edwards' car. Finch finds an email from someone named Roscoe to Morris. Reese figures out Morris is buying a gun, because Roscoe is a slang name for gun. Fusco tells Finch the bomb in Edwards' car might have been done by an amateur. Reese then realizes Edwards' bought the gun in Morris' name. He probably also planted the bomb in his own car, as well.

Finch believes Edwards' lied about seeing Morris the night his wife was killed and he framed Morris and he's trying to frame him, again.

Reese follows Edwards home. The team learns that Edwards tricked Morris into coming to the gala. Finch and Reese are all for letting Edwards frame Morris, while Finch tries to tell him it's possible Morris didn't kill Edwards' wife. Meanwhile, Edwards' plants Morris' fingerprints on the gun he bought.

Edwards breaks into Morris' brother's apartment. Reese follows him in. He realizes Edwards is making it look like Morris is following him. He then sees him putting a bunch of pictures of his wife on the wall.

Finch tries to tell Reese that vengeance isn't the answer and Reese should know it by now. It didn't work with Shaw or Carter.

Fusco has Morris' brother in custody. Finch goes to stop Edwards and blasts Reese for not trying to stop Edwards when he had the chance. Meanwhile Edwards points a gun at Morris.

2010 – Finch watches as Corwin goes to her car. He locks her in her car so she can't get out. He tells her there's a bomb attached to her car. The pay phone rings again trying to stop Finch from killing her. Corwin claims she didn't know it was going to happen. She says things got out of control. Finch lets her go. The phone stops ringing when he does.

2015 – Edwards' orders Morris to dump gunpowder on his hands. Finch arrives, trying to stop Edwards. Morris swears all he did was drop the package off in the morning. Edwards won't believe Morris. Edwards plans to kill himself to send Morris to prison for life. Finch tells Edwards how he almost did what Edwards is going to do. He gets Edwards not to go through with it. Reese witnesses all this.

He then goes to see Iris. She asks for something real about Reese. She asks about something he's not proud of with how he deals with grief. He talks about a woman that meant everything to him that he kept at arm's length. He went away and learned she died.

Finch watches Edwards in his office with his dog and a potential new girlfriend. Then Finch turns to Bear and takes him for a walk. He meets Reese. Reese still wants to know if Morris killed Edwards' wife. Finch says they can't know, but if Morris is a killer and tries to kill again, they'll be there to stop him.


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