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Person Of Interest -- Maple, New York

Updated on February 4, 2015

Pleasantville it isn't...

Reese and Root track the truck to Maple, New York, that they believe Shaw was transported in.

Harold comes to see Fusco at the police department. Harold gives Fusco a number to save.

Maple is having a Founder's Day Celebration. One that turns bloody when a homeless man that just won the lottery courtesy of Samaritan is shot by another man who lost all his money in the stock market crash.

Lionel on a park bench in Brooklyn watching a man named Albert Weiss. Danny Silva, the cop Reese helped earlier this season, is watching Weiss, too. Unfortunately, she spots Fusco. She says she's out of Internal Affairs and now into gang violence.

Chief Wicker is enthralled by Root. Whatever. She gets him to let her look at security tapes. Meanwhile a cop tells Reese Wick was once accused of abuse of power. Those charges disappeared and now he's the Chief of Police. Psycho Root attacks Wick when he feels her up. Psycho thinks she'll be dry humping Shaw in no time, as she abducts Wick.

Finch finds the truck and tells Reese and Psycho where it is. They find a stretcher and medical equipment and blood. Reese thinks this doesn't look good for Shaw.

Fusco and Silva team up. Fusco wonders if Albert could be behind a bunch of missing persons. That he's been taking out people for hire and disposing of their bodies. Fusco turns out to be right.

Fusco and Silva watch Albert in a bar. Finch tells Fusco Marcus Young may be Albert's next target. He has gang connections. Albert goes into the kitchen after Marcus and he's about to hit Marcus with a wooden mallet when Fusco comes in and puts the cuffs of Albert. Albert bangs his head on the counter and pretends Fusco did it to him up. The trick works and Fusco is told to stay away from him.

I'm actually finding Fusco and Silva more interesting than Reese and Root because I just had a belly of the Root character. She's good in small doses but not having the whole show made about her and her sick obsession.

Psycho wants revenge. Psycho breaks into the local neurosurgeon's house pointing a gun at him, sure he knows where Shaw is. He reveals what's been going on in town, not that dingbat cares. She needs Shaw around so she can sexual harass her some more and that's all she cares about.

Maple it turns out has been taken over by Samaritan. A woman runs the place. Reese and Psycho think the factory may be the key to finding Shaw. Meanwhile, Fusco asks Finch if he thinks Shaw is dead.

Silva insists on working the case by herself, since Albert got Fusco side-lined. I wonder if Silva will become the new Shaw. Here's hoping Psycho won't decide she's in love with her next and start sexually harassing her like she did Shaw. Silva might hopefully shoot her in the face if she tried.

Reese nabs the woman in charge of the town.

Silva investigates a house that may be where Albert disposes of his victims. Suddenly shots ring out. And little Silva thought she didn't need Fusco's help. Fusco shows up and she blames Fusco for letting Albert run off. No thanks for saving her neck.

Psycho wants to torture the woman and doesn't care about all the other people that might be suffering. Harold realizes that Samaritan is using Maple as an ant farm to study how humans react. Reese let's Psycho drill a hole in the woman's hand, but she hears her obsession is alive at the factory. Seriously, can't someone kill off Psycho. She's not even interesting to watch. I'm sorry, but when I feel sorry for the supposed bad guys having to deal with this psycho that's time for this psycho to be killed off. Sorry, but I sympathized with the woman, Miss Thompson, who was caught in Samaritan's claws more than this inhuman psycho. There's a difference between being a bad @ss and having no humanity and being far worse than the person your torturing.

Fusco tells Silva that Albert killed another cop and he didn't want him to kill her, too. She says she hopes he tries. Oh, geez!

Miss Thompson is forced help Reese and Psycho to the warehouse. Samaritan is putting microdots on people to keep track of them.

Silva goes home and Albert is waiting inside her apartment while she goes in to take a shower. She waits for him with a gun and Fusco gets the drop on him. Then Albert gets the drop on Fusco and she ends up shooting Albert dead and saving Fusco.

Reese and Psycho break into a secret lab and learn they may have developed a neuro implant to control people's minds. Delia Jones, a secretary at stock exchange, is the person that was transported in the truck and brought to Maple. They were using her to test the neuro implant. She's the woman Reese is shown carrying out of the building in last week's promo, not Shaw.

Silva's upset because Albert was her first kill. She has to see a counselor for the shooting. Let me guess? It's the same idiot that Reese is having to see.

Finch tells Psycho they have to let Shaw go. The Machine tells Psycho to stop looking for Shaw. Psycho says goodbye. Could we be lucky enough for it to be forever. Seriously, first she glommed on to The Machine and then Shaw, but she lacks any kind of human emotions. She has no humanity. She doesn't really care about anyone and is just doing what The Machine wants. She has less humanity than Samaritan has. She's no different than the evil little kid that's Samaritan's puppet. If Samaritan had gotten his hooks into her first, he'd be her GOD instead of The Machine.

Meanwhile Shaw is alive. She's with Greer. Let me guess. Greer has used his little mind control device on Shaw and now she's Team Samaritan and he'll sic her on Finch and company.

From previews the show is going back to just being about Finch and Reese working together and I think I'm glad about that. That relationship has been kind of ignored to put Harold with Root.


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