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Person Of Interest -- Mini And Me

Updated on October 19, 2014

Child's Play

This week The Machine spits out the names of two children named Malcolm and Tracy Booker. These aren't just any two children. These two kids stole the drug money from a drug buy gone bad. The Brotherhood was meeting with the Armenians and gunfire broke out with only one survivor. A man named Mini. Now the team has to track the kids down before The Brotherhood finds them first.

The episode begins with Samaritan, I'm guessing, monitoring Lincoln Cordell [the guy Reese put in jail in the first episode for harassing the man named Ali into making some covert network and kidnapping his son.] Seems Cordell got a get out of jail card free, as someone stepped up to take the blame for the crimes he got accused of. He enters a building where some kind of drug buy is going down and gunfire ensues. Sometime later Malcolm Booker steals the drug money from the scene of the crime.

He has a plan. His mother got sent to prison when they found her with a gun, but the gun was actually Malcolm's and she protected him by going to jail. Now he and his sister, Tracy are living in separate foster homes. With the money, Malcolm takes Tracy to go and buy some new clothes so they can go to a fancy lawyer who'll take on their mother's case and help to get her out of jail so they can all be together, again.

Reese is hanging around the school yard trying to find them and even asks a couple of kids on the playground about them. At first, I was annoyed that the kids got away from Reese fast and wouldn't tell them anything, but they actually did the right thing. We may know that Reese is just trying to help the two kids, but those kids didn't, and getting away from strange man stalking the playground was the smart and right thing to do. I'm just surprised there wasn't an adult out there watching the playground who didn't come up to Reese and confront him about what he was doing there.

Finch manages to spot the kids buying new clothes, but Malcolm is smarter than him. He throws a bunch of money up in the air so people will start fighting to get some of the money for themselves. During the melee the kids escape and Finch loses them.

Meanwhile Shaw heads to the scene of the drug buy gone bad, and kidnaps the only surviving member of the shoot-out, a member of The Brotherhood named Mini by posing as an ambulance driver. She tries to get him to turn on his brothers and tell he who the leader of The Brotherhood is. All they know is it's a man named Dominic.

Also at the scene of the shooting is Reese, who teams up with Agent Lenox from the DEA to help finds the kids and the money. There's a leak in the DEA and too late Reese realizes that leak is Lenox, herself, after she takes off with the drug money. But Reese has bigger problems as The Brotherhood has them surrounded and wants their money.

Already feeling guilty over his mother going to jail for him, Malcolm goes to Lincoln and offers himself up if they'll leave his sister alone. He promises to go to work for them. Thankfully, Reese manages to save Malcolm by offering himself up in exchange for Malcolm. Lincoln's all for that, as he has a score to settle with Reese for putting him in jail. Then Shaw saves Reese by threatening to burn Dominic's drug stash.

I have to say I liked the feeling of them all working as a cohesive team for the first time this season. Both Fusco and Shaw saved Reese and had his back. The team finally seemed to be getting their mojo back.

Meanwhile, the head of The Brotherhood is revealed and it's none other than Mini, who Shaw just thought was a flunkie. He shoots Lenox for stealing his money and betraying him. And Lincoln and Mini talk about recruiting Malcolm to work for them in the future. The only saving grace Mini/Dominic has is he seems to haven't totally lost his soul the way the cold and heartless Lincoln has.

Unfortunately, while the good guys won this battle, the war is far from over. The Team may once again have to help to save Malcolm when The Brotherhood makes him make good on his promise to work for them. And The Team and The Brotherhood will obviously be tangling again some time in the future. Especially since Shaw kidnapped Mini and he's now aware there's someone else out there. Someone he'll probably want to find out all about.

It seems The Brotherhood is the new Vigilance. While Vigilance had a moral cause at the root of all the bad things they were doing, The Brotherhood just seems like pure street thugs. Of course, the unknown element is Samaritan. If it was indeed Samaritan watching Lincoln Cordell, then he/it knows about the existence of The Brotherhood. The question is just what the machine will decide to do about them.

I feel dumb, but typing Dominic's name made me see why he's called Mini. It's not some nasty name because he's really Maxi. It's part of his name. Take the Do off the front of Dominic and the c off the end of Dominic and you're left with the name Mini. Now if only the team could figure that out. When Shaw does, she's really going to kick herself because she had the head of The Brotherhood and could have executed him, but she almost seemed to feel a bit sorry for him.

Shaw had better watch out, cause I have a bad feeling at some point in the future Mini will turn the tables on her and it'll be Shaw who is his prisoner and him trying to find out who she is and who she works for.


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