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Person Of Interest -- Night At The Museum

Updated on February 11, 2014

Does the latest number need to be helped or stopped?

Mr. Reese is back on Team Finch and struggling to tie his bow tie of his tux, as he, Finch and Shaw dress to the nines to attend a party at the museum where there next number is. They're just not sure if it's a victim they're after who needs saving or a bad guy that needs stopping.

Reese really seemed to be checking out Shaw in her white evening gown. And I'm sure Reese/Carter shippers are picking up sharp objects at me saying that. I know a lot of people don't like Shaw, but I don't get why. The actress is very good in the role. Even though she was all pretty in her white evening gown you could see she didn't feel comfortable and looked like a Tom Boy dressed in a dress for the first time. I had to laugh at her saying, "I can work this."

Kelly Lin is their target. She just seems like a party planner until the lights go off and dry ice bombs explode. Then Shaw catches her stealing a Cezanne called The Purloined Letter, but she neatly gets away.

Alain Bouchard reveals he's been chasing Kelly for a long time trying to find her. He says she uses transients to help her pull off her art thefts and then kills them afterwards. So it seems like Kelly a bad number that needs to be stopped.

However, when Kelly hands over to her partner Cyril the Cezanne and he gives her a new assignment, it becomes clear that Cyril is the real bad guy. He's the one killing the transients and he's keeping Kelly's daughter prisoner to force Kelly to steal works of art for him.

Finch discovers that Kelly is really an Olympic gymnast named Jow Lin. She got pregnant and disappeared. Now she's a cat burglar.

Team Finch makes contact with Kelly and offers to help rescue her daughter and set her free for Cyril's grip.

The team helps Kelly steal the Gutenberg Bible, which is the latest work of art that Cyril wants stolen. They also make sure Bouchard knows that the woman he's chasing is Cyril's victim and she's been forced to steal things to keep her daughter safe. When Bouchard arrests Cyril and Kelly for theft, he appears to give her something that will allow her to escape from police custody.

As Kelly thanks Finch and company for saving her from Cyril, Kelly's daughter arrives and they have a happy reunion. Afterward Fusco, Shaw, Finch and Reese celebrate the success of their latest mission and Reese pours a glass for the missing Carter since one of their team is missing. Which I'm sure helped to warm the cockles of the hearts of Carter/Reese shippers everywhere.

I have to say I've really enjoyed the last few Root-less episodes. If there was a character I was going to complain about it would be her. For me, Robo-Tot doesn't add anything to the show and when she isn't on the show the show is a lot better than when she is on it. Although, I'm sure she'll be back, since she appears to be part of a bigger story involving the machine and whatever is supposed to be coming that Robo-Tot has warned Finch about.

Reese was enjoyable to watch this episode, as well. I only started watching the show this season, but I never got a vibe that Reese was in love with Carter and it seemed like it came out of left field to appease shippers before they killed off Carter. So it was nice not to have Reese mourning his insta-love and getting back to business. Having a brief moment at the end was fine. It was having Reese crawling into a pit of pity that was hard to take and made me think the show would be vastly better without him.

It was also nice to have Fusco back. He was missing from the previous episode. Without him, the team might not have been able to pull off the theft of the Gutenberg Bible. It's nice to have a real cop to help you on the missions. And even though Carter is gone, Fusco is still a vital member of the team.

I'm also going to say the unpopular. I like Shaw. I think the actress is very good in the part. I think it's interesting watching her build relationships with her new co-workers. Finch is often appalled at the things she does, but I think on some level it meant something to him when Shaw didn't desert him when Mr. Reese took him time out. She's like a bull in a china shop while he wishes to do things with some finesse. It'll be also interesting to see where they take a possible friendship between Fusco and Shaw.

In regards to Carter, shippers need to accept the fact the actress never wanted to be on a show for a long time and only agreed to be on the show for a certain period of time. Now she's moved on to other things, and shippers may also need to move on, because the couple you shipped is never going to happen.

I've seen a lot of viewers complaining about each episode since Carter's passing. I, unfortunately, suspect a lot of it is coming from shippers who won't move on and will keep complaining about the show because they didn't get what they want. It's why I loathe shippers because they can be very destructive to the shows they attach themselves to. I understand the some Vampire Diaries Klaus/Caroline fans have attached themselves to The Originals and cause a stink if they try to pair Klaus with anyone because they want Klaus/Caroline even though they're no longer even on the same show anymore.

Personally, I've enjoyed the last few episodes since Carter died. I thought Finch and Shaw trying to do a mission on their own without the AWOL Reese was interesting, and I thought the latest episode was interesting, as well.


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