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Person Of Interest -- Root Sends A Message To Shaw

Updated on May 30, 2016

Fusco is fed-up!

As we last left off Samaritan tried a new simulation on Shaw and introduced himself to her in the guise of a child to try and convince her to join him. Fusco discovered what's been happening to the missing people, but will he survive to reveal the truth. And the rest of the team crashed a wedding and took a little break from the Samaritan drama.

Fusco in a hospital room with Bear under surveillance. Root comes to visit him. Fusco tells her he doesn't know who he can trust. He asks why she had him look into Howard. She gives him an exit strategy for him and his son to disappear off the grid. She says its her fault he's in there. She says there's a reason John and Harold are presumed dead, if he keeps investigating this case. Translation: you could wind up dead.

Reese still thinks not telling Fusco the truth will keep him safe. Root tells Finch The Machine thinks he's safe. Finch says Samaritan killed all those people under their noses. Yep, and the one you're keeping in the dark is the one who figured it all out.

The Machine assigns Root a new identity. She's a dancer. Root asks The Machine about Shaw. The Machine won't answer her. Root says they need to be actively looking for Shaw.

A man comes to see Root and she saves him from an assassination attempt. Vasili asks her to marry him. She says she may need something from him soon. The Machine assigns her yet another new identity. She's dressed up in some historical outfit in some historical house. She's to get the EMF meter in a man's backpack. She's still yipping about Shaw. She gets the backpack and runs.

Root goes to a radio station. Brittany, the receptionist, thinks Root is there for the producer gig.

Shaw looking at her self in the mirror. She smashes the mirror. They drug Shaw. She stares at something as she passes out. God, don't tell me we're getting yet another Shaw/Root lovefest episode. The last one was more than enough to last a life time. This is making me glad this show was cancelled. I don't have much respect for the shipper pandering this show is doing. Be interesting if it causes people to turn the show off not on. But since there's just a few more episodes,probably not.

More of Root. I'm beginning to get why they're showing two episodes tonight. The second episode will probably be better than this. Root meets a DJ named Max talking about UFOs. He asks Root questions on the air.

A man named Warren calls Max. He says Chinese satelites are controlling people's minds. Root thinks this mission will lead her to Shaw.

Shaw being transported in a wheelchair. Shaw jumps out of the wheelchair and knocks the orderlie taunting her out. Apparently, this is yet another version of a simulation. He says he'll take her on another field trip.

Reese asks Finch to check out Warren Franco, whose retired military. Max says the patterns people are seeing mean something and he's there to help them make sense of it. Max tells Root the world has gotten pretty weird lately. He says Warren has been helping him with a project. He says the interference he's hearing on his broadcast says it's some kind of code. Max says he's going to announce his discovery on the air. Root tries to talk him out of it.

Warren calls back to Max. Warren says the Chinese are on to him and are going to make him kill himself. He says he has to. Reese arrives at Warren's apartment but he can't find anyone. Warren says he doesn't remember getting these pills and says he has to take them. Reese says Warren has been dead for hours, even though Warren is talking to Max as he speaks. Reese and Root believe this is the work of Samaritan. He's faking Warren's voice and got Warren to kill himself, because that code Max discovered is a threat to him, somehow. Fake Warren tells Max that he's next.

Shaw going up on a escalator as Samaritan tries to convince Shaw to join them.

Root says Max is going to expose Samaritan's way of communicating. Samaritan takes over Max's broadcast and Fake Max says that maybe he should kill himself. Root and Max are trapped in his booth as Samaritan's people head up to kill him and make it look like suicide. Root finds a way to get them out. She tries to get him safely out of the building. Root admits that Max's in danger because of the code he discovered.

Shaw is shown a woman who is trying to recreate a creature. If she does that it'll affect the infrastructure and people will die. Shaw kills her for Samaritan. What if this isn't a simulation?

Finch hears the interference. It's coming from the Samaritan laptop. Finch tells Root what Baby Samaritan is doing. Root tells Finch that the signals can communicate with Samaritan operatives. Root suddenly realizes why The Machine sent her there. She thinks The Machine wants her to send a message to Shaw.

You know, I find it really offensive Root is written as the only one who cares about finding Shaw. See, this is the damage a show does to itself and its characters when it starts pandering to online shippers.

Finch tells Reese that Root is going to do something dangerous. Reese says he's on his way there now.

Shaw in a hospital room. She's told that it wasn't a simulation. That she really killed that woman for Samaritan. She won't believe it's wasn't a simulation and the nurse shows her her hand that she injured for real.

Root realizes the printer has been infected by Samaritan. The Machine tells her two Samaritan operatives have arrived. Reese saves Max.

Shaw attacks the doctor. The doctor says there's no way to escape. Shaw preparing to kill herself as Root sends her message to her. Shaw hears it. Gag me with a spoon. Samaritan's operative gets the drop on her. Root offers give herself up if Samaritan will take her to Shaw. Another gag me with a spoon moment. Samaritan starts talking to her through the speaker at the radio station. I guess we'll get treated to the two giving each other a tongue bath in real time. Oh, joy! Seriously, the direction this show is going, it's a good thing it got canceled. It was for the best. Hopefully, it'll end with some modicum of grace for the show it once was before it became the Root and Shaw lovefest.

Samaritan is about to make a deal with Root to see Shaw. Reese kills the power to stop her. Max refuses to go on the run. Root tells him if he doesn't mention the code he'll be safe.

Fusco getting ready to leave the hospital. Finch says he's sorry they haven't been honest with him. He says he didn't want him to get hurt, and Fusco says it's not working. Finch tells him to go back to his job. Fusco says that after all that's happened he and Reese still won't how him the respect of telling him the truth, so he says he's done with them. I don't blame him.

Max prepares to go on the air. He agreed to lie. Max can't do it and he tells the truth. His receptionist translates Samaritan's code and brings him a cup of coffee. No doubt with poison in it. No one will believe what Max is saying. Reese and Root hear Max dying on the air. The receptionist then fakes being upset and claims he had a heart attack.

Finch blames The Machine for what happened. All Root can say is Max's death was worth it to send a message to Shaw. Finch says he's not comfortable where this is going. Reese says they can't trust The Machine. Root tells The Machine Finch will see this is all going in the right direction. I'm back to not being able to stand Root.

They show Finch and Reese as the stars of the show, but they should just switch their faces to Root and Shaw, cause that's how it's feeling.


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