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Person Of Interest -- The Election

Updated on October 28, 2014

Samaritan tries its hand at politics

Just in time for the elections coming up comes a very paranoid-inducing episode about how Samaritan has been able to fix the elections and the idea our country has been based on about free elections and everyone's vote counting is a thing of the past. To be honest since the how debacle with the Hanging Chad and people being prevented from going to the polls in Florida which might have caused a different outcome in the election that elected George W. Bush instead of Al Gore, I've often thought that the elections were now fixed. Until then, I believed in every vote counting, but when the Florida courts decided they didn't and the results would stand as Bush being the winner, I kind of lost all faith in the voting system. That's not to say that I don't still vote, but I no longer expect anything to change. I just hope the lesser of two evils wins the election and hopefully the status quo will remain the same.

A numbers counter working for a man running for office can't understand it when the numbers he predicted are radically off. Especially since he's so good at his job he's never wrong. When he studies the number and discovers some people were prevented from voting [sound familiar?] he becomes convinced that somehow Michelle Perez, the woman running against his candidate, has found a way to fix the election.

Simon tries to tell his employer that the election was rigged, but the man blows him off and gives his resignation speech. So Simon next tries to tell the authorities the election was fixed and uses his documentation as proof. While no one is listening to him, some is, the wrong someone. Samaritan. And Samaritan wants Simon shut up and quick. So the blond killing machine, who came off like a human-looking robot in this episode, goes after Simon.

Meanwhile the Team has to try and keep Simon safe without him realizing it. To that end, Root has to take on the Blond Killing Machine in a gunfight, when she gets shot. Harold and Root have bonded since their scam to purchase a missile. Harold guesses The Machine hasn't talked to her, and Root says because Samaritan is always listening SHE can't. Root is also very pessimistic about their chances of defeating Samaritan and believes if they do manage it, not all of them will live to see victory. From the way she talked she thinks her time is limited.

I've been predicting Root's death since last season, because she stands in the way of Harold's relationship with The Machine that he created. At some point Root will have to be removed and Harold will have to start communicating with The Machine the way Root does.

In this episode we saw how Harold created The Machine and how many times it took to create a machine with some soul and humanity. Harold repeatedly had to kill the machines he made prior to HER because they would lie, be deceptive and some would try to kill Harold to insure its own survival. It kind of helps explain Harold's negative feelings for The Machine and why he doesn't really trust it. He got burned by too many of its kind. Now he's afraid to trust it and to believe he created the machine he always planned to create.

John gets sidelined for most of this case when he shoots another suspect in the kneecap and is ordered to see a shrink because of his tendency to shoot people in the kneecaps. Funniest line had to be from Reese, "I have a hobby. Shooting people."

Reese has a hard time trying to con the shrink into believing what he's telling her is the truth when it's all a lie, since he can't tell her the truth. Unfortunately, she sees through his tissue of lies. However, when he speaks honestly about his feelings about Carter, she can tell he's telling the truth and thinks they're getting somewhere.

The two big shipper moments was Reese talking about Carter and Root asking Harold to tell Shaw...Apparently, there are shippers who ship Shaw and Root as a couple and are convinced she was going to say she's in love with Shaw. Whether or not Root swings that way, Shaw has been shown to be a heterosexual so it doesn't matter what Root feels. Anyway, the shippers should take what they get, since that's all they'll be getting on the shipping front. This is not a show that panders to shippers, thank God.

Personally speaking, I like Reese and Shaw together and think they have great chemistry. But apparently no one ships them as a couple. Oh well, I've always walked to the beat of a different drummer.

Simon goes to the Perez victory party to confront her over stealing the election. Only before he can do so, the woman croaks at the podium while giving her victory speech. That's when the Team realizes Perez wasn't in on this. It was actually her running mate Dawson who is the crook and who joins up with Team Samaritan like many of the winners of the elections does, meaning Samaritan pretty much controls the government now.

To get Simon off Samaritan's radar, Finch has to go in and convince Simon his data is faulty. As soon as he does, Simon is taken Samaritan's hit list.

This may have been my favorite episode of the season. The season was a little slow going after the reset of the entire show, but now it's firing on all eight cylinders. The Team lives in a nightmare society when Samaritan is Big Brother and he's watching everything you do. If he feels you are a threat to him he will have you exterminated. And the only way to try and beat this monster machine is to stay off its grid and hopefully serve it a death blow that will take it down.


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