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Person Of Interest -- The Pick-Up Artist

Updated on October 11, 2014

The Ladykiller and the Cop

I actually enjoyed this episode a lot more than last week's episode with the obnoxious Claire. For one thing this week's number, Andre Cooper was likable, unlike craptastic Claire. He also had some personality and when someone wanted to help him he took that help, he didn't spit in the face of help and turn around and try to kill the person that was trying to help him. He and Fusco actually made an entertaining odd couple together. And it was also nice to see Fusco, whose been sidelined since Samaritan took over, get back in on the action. Lately it felt like he was no longer a part of the team.

First off, while the team may have a new safe house, they remain cash poor. If they try and access any of their bank accounts Samaritan will find out and be able to find them. Finch warns Shaw that for the first time they're going to have to live off the salaries their cover identities give them. Enter Root who tells Harold SHE wants Finch to do something for her. Since Finch is feeling a bit more generous to the machine these days after SHE provided them with a new headquarters to operate in safety, he agrees to do what Root wants.

Meanwhile Reese is in trouble with the new police captain. Seems he's shot too many suspects in their kneecaps. To get on the captain's good side, Reese needs to solve a bunch of crimes. So when the latest number comes up, he's just not available to handle it. So Fusco is sent to go undercover.

The number is Andre Cooper and he's a pick-up artist who teach men how to pick-up women. He also has a few red flags attached to his name. Like there's a missing gun shipment from where Andre last worked before he went into business for himself teaching men how to score. He's also a prime suspect in the murder of a man named Milo Jacobs.

He's not too impressed by Fusco when they meet and wastes no time giving Fusco a make over. I hate to say it, but I didn't really notice that much difference in Fusco's wardrobe. It wasn't a dramatic transformation like Shaw dressing up to the nines. Since Reese and Finch are otherwise engaged, Shaw and Bear have to be Fusco's back-up and he ends up needing it.

While Andre is teaching Fusco how to score with chicks they run into a friend of his, Mickey. It's seems that Andre can finger Mickey for Milo Jacobs murder, but since Mickey is his friend he has no intention of turning him in to the cops. The problem is Mickey doesn't trust that Andre will keep his mouth shut, so he ends up kidnapping both Fusco and Andre and planning to kill them. He plans to make it look like Andre killed Fusco and no doubt the cops will believe it's because Fusco got proof on him that he killed Milo Jacobs. As part of Mickey's plan to kill them, he locks them in a storage bin that's running out of air. And with only Shaw and Finch's dog, Shaw has to try to find and save them before it's too late.

Luckily, one of the crimes Reese is trying to solve is the Milo Jacob's murder and he ends up in the same place as Shaw and they help save Andre and Fusco. While locked up Fusco's words convinced Andre to go to the police and give evidence against Mickey. It also probably didn't help that Mickey tried to kill him, as well.

All through this episode it was driving me crazy trying to figure out who the guy who played Andre was. He looks so familiar. I've seen him in something, but I can't remember what. I will say this, I really enjoyed Fusco and Andre together. They made an interesting odd couple. They were actually more entertaining together and had more of a yin-yang going than Reese and Fusco do. Reese and Fusco haven't seemed to rich that kind of connection as partners and as reluctant friends. Strangely enough Reese and Shaw have, though. And Shaw and Reese kind of have that yin-yang thing going together, as well.

Meanwhile Root takes Finch to a meeting with a criminal selling a missile. The Machine has given him the new identity of some infamous criminal known as Egret. Root is impressed when Harold taps into his inner Ben Linus and gets all threatening when the man doesn't buy Finch as the infamous Egret. Then she takes Harold to another meeting to sell the missile, only Finch's conscience just won't let him go through with selling a missile to a criminal who would do who knows what with it.

At that point, Root knee-caps the criminals and tells Finch SHE knows Harold so well and knew he would never go through with selling the missile. Apparently, the purpose of the whole mission was to help fund Harold's new operation. After taking out the crooks, Root and Finch take off with two very large bags of money. So Finch's cash flow problems are over and they now have the capital they need to get back in business.

It also seems The Machine popped out Andre's number to help Reese maintain his cover by helping him solve Milo Jacobs murder. Thus getting his new captain off his back. Just as SHE helped Shaw get together with a new employer that was much more to her liking.

The show had a nice ending with Fusco and Andre. Fusco had used Andre's techniques to get himself a date and Andre watched pleased from the sidelines. Like I said, Fusco and Andre were great together and seemed to end up real friends in the end.


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