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Person Of Interest -- The Team Learns Shaw Is Alive

Updated on May 5, 2015

And Elias and Dominique reach critical mass

A woman is being monitored as her brakes stop working and she crashes. A hood is put over her head and Control is waiting in the van. She replaces the woman with a body in the car and blows it up to fake her death.

Fusco was the one who rescued Reese. Another Brotherhood soldier has been taken out. He's one of four of them who were killed.

Finch thinks Samaritan has found the Machine but Root says if that were true, they'd all be dead.

Reese hears a payphone ring. Dominique and Elias are the new numbers.

Reese and Fusco watch Dominique and the Brotherhood. Dominique doesn't want to retaliate, yet.

Shaw's phone starts ringing. It's Shaw asking Root for help before she hangs up.

Yep, back to the Root/Shaw love fest and just when Root was becoming tolerable again.

The woman wakes in a room with Control. She says they need to talk about Samaritan. She unveils one of her agent's, Tyler. Control shoots him. Tyler was a Samaritan mole. The woman is supposed to be the mole's handler. Control tells Shelly to tell the truth or she's next.

Old Root is off to the races. Finch tells the idiot it's a trap but dimwit doesn't care cause she's going after her beloved. The idiot climbs on the ledge and threatens to kill herself unless the Machine tells her where her beloved is. Okay, I'm back to not being able to stand this moron. The Machine caves to psycho's demands.

Finch and psycho are told Shaw in an asylum. That's where the call came from. Psycho, of course, plans to break in.

Finch tells Reese that they've found Shaw just as Reese stumbles upon Elias. Elias and Reese and Fusco have a gun stand-off until they hear The Brotherhood attack. Dominique gets the drop on Elias.

Idiot digging in the snow finds a trap door. Root panics when she hears that The Machine is also in danger of being found.

Reese and company get tied up by The Brotherhood. Dominique wants Elias' intel before he pops him. The con-artist with many names shows up to help Dominique.

Root dresses Finch up as a drug addict to infiltrate the hospital. She tells Finch to find someone named Lenny. He gives Lenny Root's message and it sends Lenny on attack on the orderlies. Finch slips away during the fight to the security room. He tells Root the ninth floor is off limits and Root rushes up there to find her beloved. What she finds is Greer's command center. Root says they're in the belly of the beast and Harold needs to escape, but he refuses to leave without her.

Shelly's still alive but she's still not talking. Control listened to Harold and company and found out the truth. Shelly still playing dumb and talking about how she has kids. Control shows Shelly pictures of Shelly with Tyler. Shelly seems to know her game is over when Control shows her a picture of her roaming the halls of the White House.

Dominique brings Anthony up to Elias to try to get him to turn over on Harold. Then Dominique has his man smash Elias' hand. Reese and Fusco are next for the torture. None of them turn on Harold. Dominique's female member says they have a rat in their crew that's been ratting them out to Elias.

Root enters the room she thinks Shaw is in. She sees Shaw being taken out of the building below. Then Root and Martine go after each other. Martine drugs Root and says Shaw cracked under torture and Root did everything Shaw said she would do.

Reese realizes that Elias laid a bread crumb trail for the Brotherhood to find him. Elias says it's his last stand. Dominique makes Elias write a note to his people to lure them into a trap and says the only way to save them is to reveal to him who the traitor in the Brotherhood is.

Root is strapped to the bed. Greer says he can find The Machine through Root's cochlear implant. Then Finch is brought in. She refuses to believe Shaw ratted her out. Root manages to snap Martine's neck when she threatens to kill Finch.

Shelly drops her act, but she won't spill. Control realizes Samaritan is planning an attack. Control slaps the smug snake. She says Control can save herself if she doesn't try to stop Samaritan from making the correction. Seems Samaritan plans to remake the world into what he thinks it should be a dopes like Shelly think that's a good thing.

Elias says he'll tell. He writes down the account the informer has him send money to. Dominique shoots his second in command thinking he was the rat. Elias tricked Dominique. He killed someone that was loyal. Suck it, Dominique.

Finch tries to get Greer to see Samaritan may turn on him one day. Samaritan gives the Machine sixty seconds to give up it's location to save Root and Finch. The power suddenly goes out. The Machine gives itself up to save Harold. She says to let them go and she'll tell Greer where she is. Greer does as requested.

Shelly tells Control that all that try to oppose Samaritan will be purged from society. Control shoots the psycho.

Harold and Root planning to try to save The Machine.

So we don't know if Dominique shot Elias for tricking him into killing his own man.

I really don't think they can kill The Machine. If they do, Harold will never resolve his conflicting feelings for the the thing he created. It's why I feel Root needs to be taken out of the equation so Harold will have to deal with The Machine one-on-one without her standing in the way.

Shaw will most likely be back next season after Sarah Shahi has her babies. Unfortunately, she'll probably be Greer's new female muscle now that Martine has bit the dust.

I still say these people should be teaming up against Team Samaritan. That's the only way to defeat the monster. But leave that nasty twit con artist out of it. In fact, someone put a bullet in her or let her join team Samaritan with that clueless moron that thinks Samaritan is a God.


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