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Person Of Interest -- The Voice

Updated on May 31, 2016

Will Reese finally crack and tell Fusco the truth?

As we last left off, Fusco had had enough with Team Machine not telling him the truth and he requested a new partner, because he was done with them and Reese. Elias warned Finch he was the darkest one of them all and he didn't want to be around when Finch finally blew. Scott Blackwell realized he was working for some very bad people, but found he was stuck in a trap with no way out. And Shaw seemed to have finally escaped from Samaritan and found herself in South Africa.

The desert. Two men uncovering the back of the truck. They're helping smuggle illegals over the border. Shaw's on the truck. When one of the men wants to get fresh with her she takes them down. She starts walking into the desert, afterwards.

Terry Easton 38 is their new number. He's a locksmith. Root shows up in the subway. Root says The Machine gave her the number of a man named Matthew Stone.

Reese thinks Easton is breaking in a building on his own. Reese follows him in. He finds a guard knocked out. Easton threatens to set off a bomb if Reese doesn't stay back from him. Reese disables the bomb. Reese says it's time they had a chat.

Reese takes him into an interview room in police headquarters. Reese says Easton didn't make the bomb, so who did. Easton won't talk because the monitor is on, so Reese turns it off. He still won't talk.

Reese thinks someone paid him to blow up the investment firm. Reese took his cell and is letting Finch find what he can from it. Finch finds a text of Easton's wife on his cell phone. Easton says HE said not to talk to anyone or they'd kill his wife. He says he got a call from someone on the phone. He said he'd kill Carla if he didn't do what he was told. The bomb was delivered to him. He says he failed. Easton's cell phone rings. He answers it and the voice says Easton will never see his wife again. Finch says he recognizes that voice. Let me guess, it's Samaritan.

Finch said the last time he heard that voice he coerced a 911 operator. So maybe it's not Samaritan. Finch says Carla is being held in a meat-packing warehouse. Reese says he'll bring Carla back to him.

Fusco given a new case. Reese asks Fusco to help him and keep an eye on Easton, but Fusco won't do it. He says to keep his secrets.

Fusco interviews a man about an unregistered gun. He asks Amir where he got the gun from, since it's killed someone two years ago. Amir says he bought it at a gun show.

Finch goes to Elias to ask about The Voice. Elias says the man is a ghost. Elias will only help if he can go with Finch. Finch says he'll be a marked man once he goes outside, but Elias says he's lost two friends and doesn't want to lose another.

Reese and cops enter into the warehouse. The Voice contacts Reese. He says Reese won't be able to save Carla and the building explodes from where the man set more bombs, possibly killing the police officers that entered the building.

The city being overun with bomb threats. Reese told there's ten calls reporting bomb threats.

Elias helps Finch break into a school.

Root has a gun trained on Matthew Stone. Before she can take out Stone, someone else does.

Fusco tells Amir his gun was a match to four other murders that took place in the last four months. Fusco says his prints match and a sketch matches Amir. Fusco says he's no harmless driver and he's got him. Amir then drops the innocent act. Dude's a good actor, cause I was buying it and thinking he was being set up by Samaritan for some reason. He wants to cut a deal with the DA, but Fusco says that's not going to happen.

Someone slips a paper under the interview room Easton is in.

Elias takes Finch inside the abandoned school. Elias takes him to the custodian, Raoul. He introduces Finch to him. Raoul is The Voice's bomb maker. Elias threatens to kill him if he doesn't talk. Elias demands to know how many bombs he made for The Voice.

Easton missing from the interview room. Reese catches him trying to leave. He claims a cop told him he had to leave the interview room. Easton tells him that he was ordered to open the doors on the gang members that the police just arrested. Finch says that there's someone in the precinct working for The Voice.

Finch says the bombs were planted around the precinct. Reese realizes the gang members aren't trying to escape but get someone that's in the precinct. Could it be Fusco's suspect, Amir?

Root follows the mysterious female shooter and is thrilled to be jumped on by her beloved Shaw. Their shippers must be wetting their panties in glee over this. Shaw has been relegated to nothing but one half of some couple this show is trying to sell to appease some online shippers who've been yapping about how they wanted this pairing. Oh, joy!

Apparently the biggest fans for this out-of-the-blue showmance are males who want to seem two women grinding on each other to have their secret little fantasies realized.

Root hugs her. She thinks The Machine brought her back to her. Shaw says she's taking out Samaritan one agent at a time. Root doesn't want to let her beloved go. Shaw tells her about the simulations they put her through and claims that in every simulation she killed them all. Not music to Rooty-Toot's ears, even if they're a lie. Seriously, they should have just killed off Shaw if she's relegated to nothing but Rooty's squeeze when she was so much more before that.

Finch traces the bombs detonation system to an apartment in Soho.

Reese and Fusco forced to work together since the precinct is practically abandoned because of the bomb threats everyone went out to investigate. One of the men admits that they've been hired to take out Amir. Reese thinks The Voice wants to take Amir out.

Fusco and Reese head out to find Easton's wife and to find out where Amir is.

Elias and Finch finds The Voice's lair. Elias finds something covered up in The Voice's lair.

Amir worked for The Voice. He knows who The Voice is, and that's why he's trying to kill him. He says if he's given a deal, he'll tell them what they want to know. Fusco takes Amir upstairs. Then the cop on the take tries to kill him, until Reese shoots him in the kneecap. He says The Voice threatened his family so he had no choice but to cooperate. Then Reese and Fusco have to fight off the gang members coming after them and Amir.

Root starts pawing Shaw. Shaw shoves her away and points a gun at Root. Shaw tells her the one person she couldn't kill was Root. Yeah, whatever. She could easily kill Reese who she had a deeper and longer relationship with but not her precious Root who before this she acted like all her lesbian come-ons annoyed her. Rooty-Toot-Toot offers to shoot herself cause she can't live without Shaw. Oh, just gag me! Please, both pull the trigger and free the show from this badly written farce.

Elias realizes The Voice has been tracking Finch. Finch realizes that Carla Easton's abduction was a fake. Terry Easton is a fake and may actually be The Voice. He corners Amir. Easton gets the drop on Reese and is about to shoot him, when Fusco jumps him to save him and gets shot in the shoulder. Easton ends up getting away.

Reese tells Finch that Fusco was shot. Easton gets a call on his phone and it's Finch. Finch is coming up behind him. Finch says that he can't be permitted to continue and finds Elias has the drop on him. For a moment there I thought Finch's dark side was coming out and he was going to whack The Voice. The Voice says compassion and loyalty makes people weak, as they let him walk away. As he rides away in his car, Elias blows it up. Elias says Finch brought him for a reason, he had to know he'd do something like this.

Reese says it's time he and Fusco had a talk. He throws Fusco's phone away. Reese is finally going to tell Fusco the truth.

Fusco and Reese meet Finch in the park. Root brings Shaw to them. Hopefully, Root and Shaw had their sex off-camera. The Root fan who worship her and pushed for this Root/Shaw thing have really helped to ruin this show and the characters. But long as their girl-on-girl fantasies have been realized, I'm sure they don't care.

I have to say the writing has not been good this season. It's the second episode I spotted a glaring plot hole. If Easton was The Voice and Reese took his cell, how could Easton call Reese on the phone at the warehouse when he was in police custody? There was another glaring plot hole in another episode, but I just let it go and forgot about it. That's what you have to do with the writing, this season. From the dropped plots not explained to all the bad romance movie crapola being used to sell this Shaw and Root thing. You just have to let it go.

We're down to four more episodes. Tonight's episode someone is supposed to die. People are saying it's Elias' since after this episode he's no longer in the credits. There goes my hope it was Root. Of course, since Root is Shaw's "safe place" and she blew her brains out in all those simulations to not kill her, if anything happened to Root she'd probably blow her brains out so she could be with her beloved in death. The real Shaw wouldn't have done this, but this is Shaw 2.0 we're dealing with now.

The real Shaw was a heterosexual repulsed by Root's come-ons but Shaw 2.0 is a lesbian whose safe place is Root and it's only Root she could never harm.

I'm really not sensing this show is going to come to a good end writing-wise.


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