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Person Of Interest -- True Detective

Updated on November 11, 2014

Is Finch turning to the dark side?

The episode opens with the police arriving on the scene of the apparent suicide of a man named, Abel. Turns out Abel is connected to this week's number. And his death was anything but a suicide.

Shaw is bored out of her mind as she gets to go undercover to watch the number, Walter, who is an insurance agent. Things pick up as she watches him comforting a fellow employee named Elaina. It turns out she's the sister of the unfortunate Abel. And it isn't long before Shaw and Reese discover that Walter is leading a double life.

Meanwhile Finch is at a conference in Hong Kong. At first, it seems that he's just there to maintain his cover as college professor of a not very popular class. It even looks like Finch may find a nice lady to have a little romance with. Her name is Beth Bridges and she doesn't agree with his viewpoint on things. Finch seems to be enjoying himself debating the issues with her. But all is not as it seems. In short, insurance agent Walter and Finch has a lot in common.

Back in the states, Walter is leading a double life pretending to be a detective. He's busy investigating Abel's death. He discovers that before Abel died he texted a man named Banks Van Hess. Walter goes to Van Hess pretending he's a homicide detective to question him. Only Van Hess is a little bit busy. He's being doused with gasoline and being set on fire.

Reese has to rescue Walter from two hooded men looking for where Abel put something and they think Walter knows. As it turns out Walter is a better detective than one might think. He puts it all together and realizes that Reese is the Man In The Suit. He tells Reese he's the one who inspired him to do what he's doing and he thought he'd gone away. Reese isn't copping to anything, however.

Reese and Walter join forces to uncover what's going on and learn one of the trucks that Abel drove is missing. They soon put it together that the hooded thugs after after guns that use high explosives that Abel was transporting. Abel wouldn't reveal where he'd stashed the truck with the guns and that's how and why he was killed. The hooded thugs are after Walter because he has Abel's cell phone and through that cell phone they can trace where Abel stashed the truck.

Reese thinks bringing Walter to the police department will keep him safe, but the hooded thugs, no longer hooded, infiltrate the police department. Reese once again saves Walter from a man named Nate Elliott, meanwhile Fusco gets knocked out and the gun they had gets stolen from the police department.

Reese recognize Nate Elliott, the guy who pretended to be a fed and tried to nab Walter. He's an employee of Elias. Elias wants those guns. He's trying to keep control of the illegal gun trade and someone called The Armorer is after them. Abel dumped the truck with the guns when he realized what he was transporting and The Armorer was chatting with Abel when he died. Elias wants Reese to give him Walter.

Meanwhile Walter gets nabbed by The Armorer who wants Abel's cell phone with the GPA location for the guns he's after. Elias' men help Reese save Walter and gets the guns. So it's a win/win for Elias.

Walter, who is kind of thought as a nothing and a schmuck in the office gets built up into a big man by Reese. And Walter gets to be Elaina's hero by telling her the truth about her brother. That her brother died a hero trying to stop those guns from getting into the wrong hands and that he didn't kill himself, just as she thought. He was killed and his death made to look like a suicide.

Back in Hong Kong when Finch and Beth go out to dinner a thug on a motorcycle steals her purse and Finch's passport. He convinces her not to go to the police and suggests they track the thief down themselves. Which they do, and Finch even manages to take the man down as he gets back his and Beth's property.

Later, the truth of the thing is revealed and it makes Finch seem somewhat sinister. Finch paid the man to steal their things. He wanted to place a bug in Beth's computer. Somehow he realized that she was somehow connected with Samaritan. After she and Harold say their goodbyes she meets a man who works for Samaritan and starts talking about putting Phase I into action.

Back in the states The Armorer's identity is revealed and it's none other than Mini Mouse, himself, Dominique. Elias goes to see him. It's obvious both men are on opposite sides of the fence and are going to continue to tangle. So into this already complicated mess we've got some kind of cold war that could become hot between Elias and Dominique. How bizarre if Finch and company have to join forces with Elias to finally take out Dominique and his band of merry street thugs.

I guess the shocking thing about Finch totally playing Beth Bridges is it seems so totally unlike Finch to do something like that. That's more of a Ben Linus type thing to do and I didn't really think Finch had it in him. It seems this whole mess has changed Finch in ways no one could have dreamed. He's become ruthless. And even more interesting is he seems to have kept his whole purpose for being in Hong Kong from the team and that's also pretty shocking.

You have to wonder if Finch now regrets not killing the politician. If he had, Samaritan would have been nipped in the bud and the world wouldn't be in the mess it's in. And if he's now willing to go to any lengths to put Samaritan down no matter what he has to do.


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