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Person Of Interest -- Visions Of Carter

Updated on April 20, 2015

Can Carter save Reese from himself?

I understand that Finch doesn't want to get anyone else killed, but he really needs to start recruiting Samaritan's victims to fight against it to take it down.

Carter, Finch and Reese watching a man named Benny in the past.

In the present day, two Brotherhood members have been shot dead.

Chase Patterson is the new number. He was suspected of possibly killing his family when he fled the country. He's returned to New York after seven years in Paris. When Reese goes to look up info on the old case he's told Carter was involved in it.

Root shows up in a wedding gown. She explains she tried getting close to someone she hoped would tell her where The Machine was but fled before taking her vows. Finch asks her help in trying to see if The Machine is working right as it popped out a dead Brotherhood member as a number they needed to protect.

Flashback back to Carter looking after the man named Benny. Have to admit I'm having a hard time seeing her as Carter now, and she just seems like Cookie to me. I hope she doesn't end up not being able to be seen as anyone but Cookie, like Tina Louise couldn't be seen as anyone other than Ginger Grant and Bob Denver as no one but Gilligan.

Reese goes through the box of Carter's things. He finds a picture of him and the love of his life in an envelope he finds in there.

Flashback of Carter and her partner investigating the Patterson case. In the present Reese comes to see the scene of the crime. Both Carter and Reese learn in the past and present that Chase didn't get along with his parents. Carter questions Chase, as does Reese. Chase says he gave Carter his alibi. He told her he was in a cabin doing drugs. He said he came home to ask his mother to forgive him for relapsing but he came home and found his family dead. Chase, however, won't tell who he thinks might have killed his family. Carter didn't believe Chase did the killings. Carter's partner says the killer was a family member.

Reese follows Patterson.

Back to Carter and Reese on stakeout together. He tells her there's no retirement for people like them. She tells him he can change, but he says they're where they were always intended to be.

Reese ends up at a remote cabin. The same cabin Carter visited in the past. She hears the floor squeaking. The person there vanishes. It wasn't Chase. He'd already taken off to Paris. Reese is about to approach the same door when Chase appears. Chase says the drugs aren't his, then Reese is shot. A man named Gil/Phil comes out revealing he's Chase's brother. He's the one who killed the Patterson family, because Chase's father left him and made a new family for himself. He orders Chase to swallow all the pills. Stupidly, he does.

Phil/Gil drags Reese out into the snow planning to bury him. Reese gets a gun and points it at the little sucker, while I'm yelling, “Shoot the bitch.” Or at the very least, kneecap the vile little sucker.

Back to Carter and Reese on stakeout. She brings up the night they met. He shows her a picture of the woman in the picture with him, Jessica. He said he loved Jessica's laugh. He blames himself for what happened to her, because he left her behind. Carter says she doesn't buy what he's saying. She says he's using Jessica to shut everyone out. Carter says his time is running out. That he's dying. This isn't an actual flashback of Carter, but something Reese is imagining.

He comes back to lying in the snow with a gun shot wound in his gut. Carter says he got Phil/Gil and made it to Chase's car, but he's going to die unless he gets himself some help. That Fusco and Finch can't find him because he didn't tell them where he was going. Meanwhile Finch and Fusco are worried about Reese.

Reese falls out of the car, but Ghost Carter urges him to keep moving. He crawls to where Phil/Gil is rotting in the snow to get the keys to the car. He gets back to the car. He tells Carter he misses her. She tells him the engine won't start and that hypothermia is taking him over. That he's freezing to death.

Carter wakes him up. He thinks he sees a car coming. She tells him he's hallucinating and he'll die if he leaves the car. Reese realizes no one is coming for him. Meanwhile, Finch is becoming really worried about Reese.

Carter tries to get Reese to tell her what he's hiding. Why he really left Jessica behind. Something happened in the war. Everyone on the other side had a picture just like him. He thought if he had a picture not to carry around with him it would be better and that's why he broke things off with Jessica. He says he didn't shut Carter out like everyone else. Carter says he never let her in. He never told her about Jessica. He just imagined he talked to her about Jessica. She says she kept the photo to give to him at the right moment when he was ready to tell her about Jessica. He said he wanted to tell Carter about her but they ran out of time. He says he wanted to close the Patterson case by himself so he could feel close to Carter, again. She says in the photo he was happy and hopeful. He needs to hold on. There are people that could love him, he just has to let them in. He asks her to stay with him for a little bit.

Reese sees headlights coming and Carter gone. Damn, who came to save him? Was it Fusco? Was it Finch and Root? Damn, that sucks!

But the ending was very emotional between Carter and Reese. Almost made me cry. However, the fact that Reese wasn't really close with Carter just confirms by feeling that the sudden kiss and declaration of love Reese gave her when he thought they were going to die was just pandering to the shippers who were convinced Reese/Carter had some great love connection. Much like it was shipper pandering for the Shaw/Root shippers by having her kiss Root when she seemed annoyed at Root's sexual harassment of her.


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