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Person Of Interest -- "We're fighting a battle that can't be won."

Updated on May 23, 2016

And someone returns from the dead...

Last time on Person of Interest we got treated to a filler episode catered to the shippers of the non-existent romantic relationship between Root and Shaw. So Shaw is still in the hands of Greer whose having Samaritan putting her through simulations to try and get her to reveal where The Machine is kept and the entire episode was a waste of time since nothing literally happened in it. If you’d missed it, you would have missed nothing but this show stooping to ship-pleasing, which I always thought it was too good to ever do.

Finch comes to the safe house. Reese at the Real Time Crime Center where the next number is. Ethan Garvin is the number. He works in a computer-controlled system for the police department. Reese realizes Garvin lied to his girlfriend when he leaves for the day and follows him.

Fusco is approached by someone. He's a friend of Elias. He threatens Fusco's son. He says it's Reese who calls the shots and to tell him Bruce Moran is looking for him.

Finch comes back to the subway to find Root. Finch has built a baby Samaritan and a baby Machine to see if they can find a weakness in Samaritan. Root not happy that Finch is locking her out from The Machine. He says if she wants him to do everything he can to stop Samaritan he has to do it his own way.

Garvin looking for someone named Krupa who he can't find. He asks her neighbor to call him if she shows up. Then he breaks into the missing girl's apartment and starts shooting something. Reese thinks he's a stalker and goes to arrest him and Garvin says it took him long enough.

He gets a Shotseeker alert. That’s the police computer systems Garvin works for. Garvin says there were three gunshots in this building but Shotseeker said it was just firecrackers. He said it was gunfire and he can prove it. He sets off the firecrackers. Later he proves he's right and challenges Reese to find what happened to Krupa. Benjamin Haas has filed a missing persons report on Krupa.

Fusco comes to Reese and tell him that Moran threatened his kid. Fusco orders Reese to tell Moran the truth or he will. Reese asks Fusco to work the missing persons case with Garvin.

Finch connects Baby Samaritan to Baby Machine and has them interact through a central computer as they run simulations to see if The Machine beats Samaritan in any of them. Think of it as a high-tech version of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. It's not looking good for Baby Machine cause Baby Samaritan seems to be popping her head off during every simulation and winning the match.

Fusco thinks he and Garvin are being followed as they go to talk to Benjamin Haas. He tells them about J D Karet owner of Harvesta who wanted Krupa's research but she gave it to him, instead. Afterwards she went missing and he filed the report.

Reese gets in the car with Moran. Reese tells him to go back underground until he's prepared to die. Moran says Elias' final chapter isn't ready to be written and he needs to know who killed him. Reese won't tell him the truth and threatens to kill him if he goes near Fusco, again.

When Fusco and Garvin leave the building he gets an alert about gunshots coming from the building they just left but there are no gunshots and the shooter is described as Garvin. Fusco has to stand in front of Garvin to stop the cops from shooting him down.

Garvin and Fusco arrive back at the police station. Fusco tells Reese that Garvin almost died in a suicide by cop. Garvin says Krupa's friend and neighbor wants to talk to them.

Root suggests Finch reprogram The Machine to defend herself. Finch is afraid what The Machine might do. Finch says The Machine is smarter than both of them and if anyone should recode The Machine it should be The Machine, which gives Root an idea.

Garvin thinks Krupa might be dead and no one cares.

Root discovers Harvesta hacked into Feed the Globe and stole Krupa's file, but Finch can't find any evidence that Shotseeker was hacked into.

Shots are fired where Mary works, but Shotseeker says it's just a car backfiring. The Machine spits Mary out as the next number as Reese and Garvin rush to try and save her.. They find Mary shot. The shooter starts shooting at them as Reese goes after the shooter.

Finch says the anonymous call was made from a broken pay phone and realizes the shooter works with Samaritan. It also seems that Samaritan is controlling Shotseeker. Meanwhile, Reese thinks the danger is over but two men attack him and Finch hears one man say his boss wants to talk to him.

Mary died and Fusco can't find Reese. Finch thinks Samaritan has Reese. The Machine can't find him. Fusco sends the cops out looking for Reese. Finch scared that Fusco is running up against Samaritan and could become its next target. Fusco reads Finch the riot act for keeping the truth from him. He says that murders are down but suicides and disappearances are up and Finch knows why but won't tell him. Fusco is right. He needs to be told the truth, because if anything happened to Fusco it’s going to be Finch and company’s fault for not telling him the truth.

Root goes out to try and find Reese. Fusco handcuffs Garvin to a chair to try and keep him safe, while he questions Karet. Karet seems shocked when Fusco says Krupa is dead and then he lawyers up.

Finch watches Samaritan beating The Machine again and again and again.

Root finds someone going through Mary's stuff, while Finch realizes Mary's killer heading into the precinct. Root finds the disk and gets the drop on the man searching for it, only he say he doesn't know anything about Reese. That's because it was Moran who kidnapped Reese. Not everything is Samaritan, after all.

Moran says if Reese tries to move from the chair he's put him in his men will shoot him. He learns four other kingpins have been killed. Moran says no one has risen up to take Elias' place. That’s because Samaritan won’t let them.

Root runs into the number John thought was harmless, Jeff Blackwell. He doesn't know about Samaritan but she tells him who he's working for.

The Shooter comes in after Garvin but Fusco knocks him down and he's arrested. Samaritan wants Garvin eliminated, but so far his plan has failed. It’s always good when Samaritan loses.

Root gives Finch the disk in hopes they can figure out why Samaritan wants Garvin dead. Finch realizes Samaritan framed Karet for Krupa's murder. Finch thinks the research is why and could give them a clue why Samaritan wants it hidden. Root releases Krupa's work to the net in hopes Samaritan will leave Garvin alone.

Reese offers to tell Moran what he wants if he's alone with Moran, but Moran won't let the men leave. Reese calls Finch and says he's with Moran and to meet them in thirty minutes. Finch worried they did the wrong thing releasing Krupa's research.

Fusco lets Garvin leave now that he's safe. Reese takes Moran to see Elias who is very much alive. Fusco saved his life and got him to the safe house. Reese calls Fusco to let him know he's okay. Fusco says he's not done asking questions and he'll find out with or without them.

Elias tells Moran there's a new player out there and they can't compete against it. Elias tells him to go back to the shadows, but Bruce plans to step up and take over Elias' business, which will mean his death by Samaritan.

Finch tells Reese that after ten billion scenarios The Machine has lost everyone and they're fighting a war they can't win.

Samaritan identifies Fusco as a possible obstructionist which means Team Machine needs to tell him the truth before he disappears like so many others have at Samaritan's hands.


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