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Person of Interest: Cura Te Ipsum

Updated on October 17, 2011

Cura Te Ipsum


Person of Interest: Cura Te Ipsum

The Social Security number comes up of a young promising physician from Columbia and Reese and Finch have to decide if she is the victim of a violent sexual crime or the perpetrator. Interesting the episode is called "Heal Thy Self". It turns out the doctor is stalking the man, Benton, who raped her sister and her sister subsequently over dosed. She has planned Benton's murder to the perfection but Reese and Finch are going to prevent her from killing the rapist.

They fear the doctor will lose her soul if she murder's Benton.


This show is always an intense thriller. The writing is good but also predictable. But that could be said of all television this season. I would imagine a 44 minute show averaging a page per minute would be limiting to create a great deal of suspense. Although the writers of Person of Interest do well given the limited scope of the cast and the plot.

The plot of the show is a bit implausible. A machine that is capable of precognition if not really plausible but it is entertaining. How does the machine ever factor in the possibility of a person changing their mind in the last minute?

The motives behind the Reese and Finches characters are still not clear.

And it was a bit of a cliff hanger this week.

Cura Te Ipsum


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