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Person of Interest: Foe

Updated on November 17, 2011

Person of Interest: Foe

In post 9/11 era Mr. Finch is billionaire who designed a super computer to spy on Americans and it generates social security numbers of people who are possible terrorists or persons of interest. The federal government is only interested in terrorism and not in violent crimes. So Mr. Finch designed a back door so he can access the social security numbers of people of interest who are not considered terrorists threats.

But Mr. Finch can’t act alone. He needs an accomplice to find out if the person of interest is going to be the victim of a violent crime or the perpetrator. So he contacts Mr. Reese a former CIA operative who is no longer with the agency. It is Reese’s job to gather human intelligence. And Reese is an excellent operative. And his job with Mr. Finch heals some of his old war wounds as Mr. Reese only was in the agency as a national security advocate.

But war is messy and often focus is lost so the opportunity to go back and stop some of the violent crime in New York is a welcomed prospect for Reese.

The computer so far has never been incorrect but I would expect the writer’s to explore that plot line as well. Anything made by man is fallible.


A cold war spy by the name of Nagel a.k.a. Cole is back in New York to settle some scores with his old team mates. So typical that there was a secret cabin. German intelligence is involved as well.

Cole's wife was killed and his team was given very nice positions in New York while he spent his days in prison. Cole killed the American informants so his German team was offered a deal and relocated to the USA. Cole was arrested in Germany and his wife was murdered. Cole was an enemy combatant. But Cole finds out his murderous rampage was for nothing as his wife defected first.

I like this show. As a person who was over in Germany when the wall went down I have a very different view of German intelligence. But I probably shouldn't take these shows so literally. While German intelligence is very serious it is with great confidence of successful execution of each mission.

I am still waiting for Mr. Finches computer to make a mistake and you have to wonder how the computer has jurisdiction in other countries but again it is fiction.

The performances are really excellent though.


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