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Person of Interest; Ghost

Updated on September 29, 2011

Person of Interest


The machine comes up with the identification number of Teresa Whitaker but the problem is Teresa is dead. So they are looking for either someone who is impersonating Ms. Whitaker or Ms. Whitaker isn't actually dead. The later would be much harder to find.

What is interesting about this show is it precludes the possibility of an illegal immigrant in the country, someone who would be totally and completely untraceable by all modern conventions in this scenario. It is a glaring whole in our national security but politics prevent this show from exploring that story line.

There were more flashbacks which weren't too intrusive but provided a back story for the characters.

Although this week was good it was more about crime and mafia then about intrigue.

And there was a very definitive message that a pair of pliers could end the machines ability to identify a person of interest quickly. I also wonder why the machine doesn't specifically catch the criminals based on the parameters so of intent and pattern recognition which makes all criminals very easy to track.

Good show but it could use some more suspense.


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