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Person of Interest: The Fix

Updated on October 31, 2011

The Fix


Person of Interest: The Fix

Person of Interest is a Science fiction thriller in post 9/11 era in which a reclusive billionaire, Mr. Finch, creates a super computer which can predict murder for National Security. The problem is while all of National Security is chasing terrorists, tolerance for organized crime has increased. But Mr. Finch is aware of this flaw in national security so he creates a backdoor back into the system in which a social security number’s of either victims or assailants are identified.

So Reese a former CIA operative is recruited to catch the random murders that are occurring but first he must be able to ascertain who the victim is and who is the murderer. Reese’s character has a lot of bravado but he is also very sensitive and just wants order back in the world.

What is very clear is how much both these characters have given up post 9/11 and how much it has affected his life. And with each intriguing episode a but more is revealed about the characters.

Person of Interest: The Fix

Person of Interest Fan Page

Person of Interest has quite an Internet following as most of JJ Abrams shows. I am including this link in case you want and interactive experience with the website of Person of Interest. I personally have not been involved int he website so I can't recommend it or not recommend it but only offer it as a resource for your continued entertainment.


The show is rather peculiar in that most of the time the criminal is the most difficult person to find in a crime. But with this show you know the criminal and the victim in advance you must figure out the crime. It is a rather unique take as victims and criminals can often be confused. This week the number of a fixer comes up. And the show doesn’t really go into the definition of a fixer but it is a person who quite literally fixes situations while coming dangerously close to breaking the law. A fixer is a glamorized version of a henchman.

Zoey Morgan is the fixer’s name and she is quite cold to Reese until Zoey was attacked. Reese comes to her rescue and then they ascertain the recording which the fixer obtained is something to kill for. Mr. Finch tells Reese to keep up with Zoey but she gives him the slip. And she slips away so well Reese can’t find her.

Finch admits he lost , Dana Miller, the murder victim on the tape before Reese came on board. Ms. Miller was working for a drug company and threatened to expose a drug manufacturer for selling a bad drug.

Zoey allows herself to be found by Reese and then invites him to do something illegal. And they find themselves in quite a pinch.

There is an interesting question in this episode in which how much evil must one do in order to do a bit of good. Sadly the answer is a great deal of evil to do a little good.

The show is absolutely phenomenal. It is riveting every week and is a morality tail. And it is unique in its approach to telling the old fashion criminal tale.


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