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Person of Interest -- The Wedding Crashers

Updated on May 24, 2016

Samaritan wants Shaw on his team...

As we last left off, we learned Elias was still alive, but recuperating from the hit Samartan tried to pull on him. And Samaritan was possibly targeting Fusco next. Meanwhile, Finch built a Baby Machine and connected it to a Baby Samaritan to see if SHE had any chance of defeating HIM and she didn't.

Back to Shaw in captivity with the virtual reality goggles on. They're removed. She once again beats the simulation. Greer says maybe if he takes her on a field trip he can convince her the people she won't betray are the villains not the heroes. Seriously, they've like run the exact same simulation over 7,000 times thinking if they keep running it long enough they'll get a different outcome? How dumb is that. I could understand doing 7,000 different simulations but the same one is just plain stupid.

Finch says the new number belongs to a marriage license. Phoebe Turner is the bride and Will O'Brien is the groom. They have to keep an eye on both to figure out which is their victim. Reese enters a bachelorette party as a cop stripper begins stripping.

Finch asks Fusco to help for the weekend but he refuses. Lionel goes into his office and closes the blinds to look at all the missing persons cases and Samaritan isn't able to observe what he's doing. You know, Finch kind of has a lot of nerve. He won't tell Fusco the truth but still expects him to be at his beck and call whenever he has a need for him.

Root asks how the Baby Machine is doing. She asks if she can crash for the night. Finch is going to the wedding as the groom's Uncle Ralph. Root wants to come, but he won't take the bait.

Reese got invited to the wedding by Phoebe's sister, Jenna. The groom's ex-girlfriend, Becca, is the groom's ex-girlfriend. Phoebe's older sister Karen got control of the business. Finch tells Reese they're about to crash a wedding.

Greer and Shaw sitting on a park bench. They're surrounded by Greer's people. He gives her a sandwich just the way she likes it. He shows her two men who committed fraud that caused a lot of deaths. He says those men are killers and they will kill again. He asks if she thinks a white collar prison will be good enough for them.

Finch arrives at the Turner estate, where the estate is surrounded by protestors against the bride's father. Turner is suspected of drugging his injured horses to make them win in races. Jenna comes up to Reese. She says the protesters are taking them to trial. Reese wonders if one of them is out to kill Turner. Finch thinks they need to make sure the wedding takes place.

Phoebe caught Will making out with Becca. Her sister encourages her to still go through with marrying Will. So it seems someone is trying to stop the wedding from happening and that someone is the bride's father.

Root in the subway hideout with Bear. The payphone rings. She takes down a new number.

Finch introduces himself to his nephew, Will. Will tells Finch about Becca. Says Becca just threw herself at him out of the blue. Finch encourages Will to fight for Phoebe. Will wants Finch to sing at the wedding. Finch is hilarious with the Irish accent.

Root shows up at Fusco's office. She brought Bear with her. She brings him a file on Howard Carpenter. She claims she's going to be Finch's plus-one at the wedding. She says Howard might become another missing person if Fusco doesn't handle it.

Finch still thinks the father of the bride is the perp and the groom is the victim. He finds evidence that Turner may have paid Becca to kiss Will to stop the wedding. Finch worried Turner may stoop to more drastic measures to stop the wedding.

Reese recognizes a killer entering the back of the wedding. Then Finch sees another uninvited guest. The bride and groom are pronounced man and wife. The killers take off, but Finch thinks they'll be back to finish the job.

Greer shows Shaw two more men. One manufactures parts for airlines. He's cutting corners. His companion is buying faulty equipment from him to save his company money. He says one of his planes will go down in the next five years. 2100 people will die. He says if he eliminated them now, they'd save all those lives. Shaw says it's not working. She knows he's trying to convince her she's playing for the wrong team and to jump ship and work for Samaritan.

Fusco and Bear on the trail of Howard. Howard meets up with Bruce Moran and tells him about some demolition contracts for buildings that are actually fake. Fusco goes up to Bruce after Howard leaves. Bruce reveals he's investigating whose pulling the strings. He says like Fusco, no one will share who this dangerous entity is that's pulling all the strings. Makes you wonder who you can trust, he offers.

Reese thinks Maggie the wedding photographer may have gotten a shot of the killers. Root shows up as the caterer. Root drugged Maggie. Finch hears himself introduced to sing a song for the wedding. Finch goes on stage and downs a glass of liquor. He sings, “We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore.” Root and Reese spot the killers again.

They jump into the fray and take on the killers. Reese knocks one out with a wedding present. And Root stabs one in the hand. Reese finds a clue to who the target is and it's Maggie the wedding photographer, who they left all alone.

They can't find Maggie. Maggie is supposed to testify at Turner's trial. Finch says the hitmen have Maggie and are dragging her away.

Fusco puts out a missing persons report on Howard. He wonders who is after him. He calls up Finch to tell him Howard has now disappeared. Fusco recorded the conversation between Howard and Moran and finds a building that is supposed to be demolished.

Reese saves Maggie, but then they find out it was Karen that was doping the horses, not her father. She's about to kill both Maggie and Reese, when Root arrives on horseback and saves the day. Seems Maggie caught her on film drugging one of the horses and that's why she wanted her killed. There's no explanation for why Becca was seemingly paid by Turner to make a pass at the groom so the bride would think he was cheating on her and call off the wedding.

Greer says that tonight they visit the underground. He shows her some men who intend to use C4 to create an international incident. He tells her how many will die if they're not stopped. Shaw asks what he's going to do to fix it. He has her watch as his people take them out. He says they owe it all to Samaritan and he's the hero.

Maggie thanks Reese for saving her life.

Root asks Finch to dance with her at the wedding. She says she knows he's been lying to her and The Machine can't beat Samaritan. He says he's sorry he didn't tell her. She says she wouldn't do something drastic unless he agreed to it. She urges Finch to let the Machine be autonomous. He says he's worried having absolute power might corrupt them. She confesses to Finch without him around in the subway she was lonely. You know, Root and Finch make a lot better and more believable couple than this Root and Shaw nonsense.

I know, shut up, Kathryn. It's the hip thing to have lesbian sex on a show. It's the in thing, even if the two doing it don't make a believable couple aside to the people who dreamed this relationship up online.

Greer introduces Shaw to the little kid controlled by Samaritan.

Fusco takes Bear down to the building and sees Moron, Howard and Krupa all dead there. He takes a picture of them. He calls Finch about what he's found and then the demolition begins. Will he and Bear make it out alive?

Samaritan says it was his idea for the field trip and he wants her to join him. Shaw realizes none of this has been real and he warns it will be unless she lets Him protect her from herself. Shaw wakes up and Greer asks if she's had a change of heart.

Well, at least they FINALLY tried something new after over 7,000 times of doing the exact same thing and expecting different results each time they did it.

If I get this straight Samaritan is having people murdered and stashing their bodies in these buildings then having the buildings demolished to get rid of their bodies and these people will forever remain missing persons. He had Howard and Moran killed because they were about to discover the truth.


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