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Perspective on Episode 44 of the Cartoon Inspector Gadget: Gadget Goes to Ireland

Updated on August 4, 2019
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

What is Episode 44 in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget About?

In the cartoon Inspector Gadget, the hero Inspector Gadget ends up in Ireland and this one is titled “Luck of the Irish.” In this episode, constant reference is made to the four leaf clover which symbolizes good luck. Every time Inspector Gadget gets into a predicament in this episode, he gives credit to his four leaf clover for saving his life. Ireland is known as The Emerald Isle and it is always very green and one of the most famous nations on this planet. For this episode, Inspector Gadget is assigned by his boss Chief Quimby to go to Ireland and get the Blarney Stone back because Dr. Claw has stolen that famous stone and he intends to hold all of Ireland for ransom.

Note: these episodes are the one thing that I turn to if I need to raise my vibration and this strategy may work for you so with that said, let us continue analyzing the episode “Luck of the Irish.”

Key Question for the Episode Luck of the Irish

So does Inspector Gadget get saved because of that four leaf clover that he finds on the ground when Brain and Penny are playing with a kite or is it because of dumb luck?

A Photo of Penny, Brain, and Inspector Gadget After He Saves Himself

Inspector Gadget is Saved Mostly Through Dumb Luck

In the episode Luck of the Irish, I would say that Gadget is saved from being in danger because of help from his dog Brain but mostly it is due to him having dumb luck. When the leprechaun O’Shea brothers are pursuing Gadget, they try to eliminate him by using dynamites but he survives due to lucky fortune as he is seen entering an Irish pub while he is dripping wet. The O’Shea brothers (one of them) tries to take advantage of the Inspector while he is spending the night at an Irish Inn. Gadget does not get much sleep because Brain rushes into his room and so Gadget thinks that he is being attacked by a prowler. Sure enough, even the usually idiotic Inspector knows that he is being pursued and he immediately chases after the leprechaun but he cannot get very far because he has the wrong kind of shoes on. In order for him to have been successful in tracking down that O’Shea brother, he would have had to have his regular shoes on. But what is better to say is that Inspector Gadget survives mostly because of a few fortunate bounces you could say.

A Few Photos of Ireland the Country That Is Discussed in "Luck of the Irish"

An old Irish castle.
An old Irish castle. | Source

Dr. Claw, the Blarney Stone & Inspector Gadget

Meanwhile, when Dr. Claw asks the O’Shea brothers for a progress report on the Blarney Stone and the setup of a special laser, he realizes that the O’Shea brothers have not taken care of Gadget or set up the laser and he is very angry about this. He wants pieces of the Blarney Stone transported to him. The O’Shea brothers question him saying that they are collecting a king’s style ransom for it. Dr. Claw tells them that the ransom is nothing compared to what people will pay for the Blarney Stone so he says that one of the brothers should focus on cutting up the stone and the other one should get Gadget.

Memorable Quotes From Luck of the Irish

"What was that Uncle Gadget?"

I don't know Penny. Strange things can happen in Ireland."

Penny and Inspector Gadget

"Luck of the Irish"

How Does Inspector Gadget Return the Blarney Stone?

As Penny instructs Brain to take her uncle to the Celtic Ruins, Gadget meanwhile ends up there because he runs after Brain thinking that Brain is an agent of Dr. Claw. The O’Shea brothers are making their preparations to cut the Blarney Stone when Inspector Gadget shows up and asks them about the device that he sees. They tell him that it is a camera and ask him whether he would like to have his picture taken. Gadget says yes and stands up smiling. Penny knows that her uncle is about to be hit by the laser and she uses her computer book to override the weapon’s controls, causing the weapon to go haywire. However, it is Brain that first jumps in front of Gadget to save him from being burned. The O’Shea brothers are pinned on the ground with the Blarney Stone as Chief Quimby congratulates his best agent for capturing the O’Shea brothers and for returning the stolen Blarney Stone.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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