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Perspective on Episode 63 of the Cartoon Inspector Gadget "Fang the Wonder Dog"

Updated on December 1, 2018
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

Fang the Wonder Dog is One of the Best Episodes of Inspector Gadget

“Fang the Wonder Dog” is more than just episode #63 of the cartoon Inspector Gadget. It is one of those episodes that has stood the test of time in terms of being a memorable episode and it was one of the last ones of a very successful first season of the show. This episode is another one of those that shows viewers an animated version of what it is like to be on the set of a movie. Note: for an introduction of what it is like from an animated point of view of being on a movie set the episode Movie Set can give viewers and fans of Inspector Gadget the perspective of what filming a movie is like.

Airing date of the episode: December 6, 1983

Inspector Gadget Reads the Message for His Next Assignment

Notable Characters in Fang the Wonder Dog

Miles Millions: the director of the movie in the episode


Lenny-one of the agents of Dr. Claw

What is the Mission of Inspector Gadget This Time?

In Fang the Wonder Dog, the hero Inspector Gadget must protect Fang from being kidnapped and held for ransom by Dr. Claw and the organization MAD. However, Lenny and his other friend successfully are able to kidnap Fang and so Inspector Gadget must find and rescue him.

Penny Saves Fang Instead of Gadget and Here is One Way How She Does It

Even though Inspector Gadget begins his search for the dog, it is his niece Penny that is able to locate him. The agents of Dr. Claw are able to put Fang to sleep for a while using sleeping gas. However, the sleeping gas eventually runs out and Fang is able to scare off Lenny temporarily as Penny is also able to befriend him. It is really Penny that saves Fang and not her uncle even though as usual, Chief Quimby gives him all the credit for a job well done.

Memorable Quotes From Fang the Wonder Dog

"Hey! That's not the way you unlock the door, wowsers I'd better get out of here."

Inspector Gadget

"And as for you, don't just sit there, get Gadget!"

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get Gadget!"

Dr. Claw telling agent #2 what to do

What Happens When Inspector Gadget is Looking for the Dog?

Inspector Gadget ends up in a place that looks like an arena that would have been used during times of the Roman Empire and because of his dog Brain’s help as well as some luck on his part, Inspector Gadget escapes harm. Even when he goes into a castle-like structure and walks down a long set of stairs, he is attacked by one of the agents that is now carrying an ax. Because of the intervention of Brain, Gadget escapes unhurt. However, the agent tricks Gadget into thinking that Fang is in one of the rooms in the dungeon. However, he locks the door and starts moving a lever or a switch that activates a fast moving wall of spikes. Inspector Gadget is barely able to escape from that room before the spikes can crush him. He gets poked by the wall as his laser finally is able to penetrate the door because he was not able to get access to his key in time due to a gadget malfunction. You would think that by this time, Inspector Gadget would realize who the foes are and who his friends are but he is not able to tell the difference. The other agent of Dr. Claw whose name we do not know dresses up in an army style uniform and he uses a tank to try and get Gadget. He sees Gadget in an abandoned movie set that is in bad shape, and it is so bad that even Gadget notices that the set is falling apart. As a bullet is fired from the tank, Brain rushes to push Gadget out of the way so that he escapes unharmed. Gadget thinks that this is the sound of thunder roaring even though there are no clouds in the sky. Brain jumps on top of the tank and puts his helmet on a part of the tank so that the agent cannot see where he is driving. The tank ends up bulldozing an art gallery as the audience escapes in fear.

Final Thoughts About Fang the Wonder Dog and Rating

Without giving away the ending f the episode, let’s just say that it is the intellect, skill, and use of a transmitter that allows Penny to locate, befriend and ultimately save Fang from further kidnapping and or death.

Rating of the episode Fang the Wonder Dog: 95 out of 100 points

"Fang the Wonder Dog"

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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