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Pete Burns - Addicted to Plastic Surgery

Updated on July 20, 2013
Pete Burns as he appeared in the early 80's.
Pete Burns as he appeared in the early 80's.

Pete Burns

Pete Burns is one example of a star who is addicted to plastic surgery. In the 80's, this singer-songwriter looked normal with no signs of failed plastic surgery, however, as the years went on, this singer ended up looking more like a plastic female doll than a human being.

Pete was born in Port Sunlight, Bebington, Wirral. In 1980, he joined the British band "Dead or Alive." The band quickly rose to fame with the hit song "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)." What struck most people, in the music video, was Burn's androgynous appearance, which garnered him much attention.

Capture from the "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" music video.
Capture from the "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" music video.

When Boy George rose onto the music scene in the 80's, Burns accused him of stealing his image as Pete had a very unique style. With his make-up, eye patch, high heels and extravagant make-up, he shocked audiences with his appearance.

Because his success was somewhat due from his physical appearance, Pete was ever-changing and experimenting with different styles. Often he would appear to look much different than he did the last time audiences saw him. He made no excuses and admitted he favored using cosmetic procedures to alter his looks. However, over the decades, these procedures got out-of-hand and Pete ended up looking much different than he naturally did.

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery
Pete Burns Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Pete had a great deal of plastic surgery done over the decades, much of it very visible. For instance, he enjoyed getting collagen injections in his lips, making them larger and fish-like. He has also had numerous facelifts, rhinoplasty, Botox and more. In more recent years, he's even admitted to having his eyes slanted to give him a more Asian inspired look.

In 2010, Pete won a lawsuit for £450,000 against a plastic surgeon who he claimed botched his face. He said there were massive problems with his lips. As a result, he filed a lawsuit and won a large amount of money, which he no doubt invested some into additional work.

In 2011, Burns admitted to the Daily Mail that he recently had a new facelift and some additional Botox injections.

Pete Burns - how he looks today.
Pete Burns - how he looks today.

Pete Today

These days, Pete looks barely recognizable from his former self. In the early 80's, he still retained some masculine features, but the 51 year old now looks like an elderly Asian woman.

According to Pete, he gets bored with how he looks, so he is constantly looking for ways to change his image. Sadly, this leaves him looking more plastic than anything else. Just how far will Pete end up going? Only time will tell.

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