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Patty Jankins's wonder woman made the legacy of DC comics REBORN

Updated on June 13, 2017

An aptly spruced up a comic character that vows to end all wars, not only with the powers she discovers later but by the compassion to live in a world, war free. I got to say after days of whooping admiration of Patty Jankins’s Wonder woman, the ‘wonder’ factor of Gal Gadot rolled back the clock, complementing what Diana Prince did for DC Comics in the 1940s. The Amazonian girl turned out to be the ONE, is lured, admired highly by the audience who got sick of watching godly heroes too often with increasing frequency of this genre. And it has also proved to be the golden egg for Warner Bros. You may not see it competing with Avengers on grossing but it will surely downplay quite a few in numbers.

Wonder Woman 2017 Movie

Bracing the fathom and colliding with surmountable mortal evils, the story portrays the rise of a female superhero with her Neptune feminine and aiming to behold the crest. Living on a land of female warriors, she gets to rediscover the serious chaos of outside world from a charming, young pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashed nearby. But as hefty it may sounds, the movie never takes itself too serious, playing light comedy and cheesy humor engulfed in pulping chemistry, secret powers revelation and powerful CGI. The adventure never stops with various roleplays of Diana, although the intense poise and pride she found is never lost during a lengthy screen time of about 140 minutes.

Wonder Woman 2017-Gal Gadot

And when you have such canvas(Gal Gadot) to dress upon, how can a costume designer miss the chance to make it memorable. Not much has been retained from BvS or the comic versions. Still, the Eagle hearted dark steel bra with extended red toned abdomen cover makes it the newer but even more realistic version. The blue skirt has of course been kept shorter unlike the very first of comic book inclusions, yet looks plausible enough. But, the looks of Diana with a long coat and an English hat kept the audience in awe. The Crest comes, when Diana attends to assassinate General Ludendorff in a blue gown. The looks were already sharper and mightier than the sword it was hiding.

Wonder Woman 2017 Movie Poster

DC tried hands on making super-females earlier. The Catwoman of 2004 and Quinn’s character in Suicide Squad were exhibited with a whole new witty dimension. Albeit, one of them was a so-so kick and the other’s screen time was probably the only good thing in the movie. But, this time, they did the homework well, keeping the wonder women at the core and exhibiting her flamboyance at rare times sufficient enough to reflect the character, uncluttered.

You may wonder, why I haven’t the mentioned anything about a Villain. In fact, DC Comics had plenty of them but because the wrath and destruction of wars are itself the dark side in the movie. Though Doctor poison(Elena Anaya) and General Ludendorff (Danny Huston) were there to fill the space, that too couldn’t overtake the war itself. Even, the wonder women broke after losing one of her closer ones to war in the early stages of the movie. The mortal enemies are further devalued by their reference to the original comic series. General Ludendorff is a made up character and is not taken from the comic according to sources. Albeit, the gray philosophy of Doctor poison can still be found in the old.

We also anticipated from “batman vs superman” (Wonder woman appeared in that movie) that Hans Zimmer would again be soothing our souls with his enigmatic music skills but Rupert Gregson-Williams wasn’t any less for a change. Thrills, battles, romance, and pride were scored out of conventions, once again showing the true class of Williams who also composed for Hacksaw Ridge and The Legend of Tarzan last year.

What amazed us most and kept the audience bound to the movie is the ventures and secrets hidden and revealed at a right pace. Once again, the storyline was all praises with (almost) everything in it. Gal Gadot's “beauty with brains” and “deadly instincts” mixed with a sacred agenda floors any better substitute to be cast as Wonder Woman in the sequel.

Wonder Woman with Batman and Spiderman

I don’t know if others got pitched with it, but I liked the indirect awareness led by Petty, throbbing the adversity, we humans have already created. It’s been the only first week, but a handsome collection in the weekend sets up the stage to bust at least few Hollywood counts.

So, A complete package of majestic scores, timely plots, realistic drama, supreme CGI work and an intense story with a strong flair of heroics by a woman, makes it better than most of the DC comic adaptations of the past. I would score it 8.5 out of 10 as due to a weak plot of poison gas by the villain (try something new!!). And it’s still too hot for me to imagine a lone warrior leaping into the war grounds and fighting it out through.

Tell me, what did I miss and how different are your thoughts to mine about Wonder Woman by popping into the comments section.


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    • Annabela William profile imageAUTHOR

      Annabela William 

      19 months ago from USA

      Thank you @Keith_Abt

      Mistake corrected

    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 

      19 months ago from Louisiana, USA

      Can't wait to see this film. Although I actually enjoyed Batman vs. Superman, I did feel it still could have been a lot better. I am hoping this film starts a trend of more successful DC films.

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 

      19 months ago from The Garden State

      The director's name is Patty Jenkins, not "Petty Jankins."

      Just sayin'.


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