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PewDiePie Merchandise: Dream Giftbag - Episode #1

Updated on October 6, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

PewDiePie has entered the hall of fame for internet trending legends - and his merchandise is shifting in the hundreds of thousands of units - wanna get in on the action - then be sure to check out our recommendations
PewDiePie has entered the hall of fame for internet trending legends - and his merchandise is shifting in the hundreds of thousands of units - wanna get in on the action - then be sure to check out our recommendations

PewDiePie Shifts Hundreds of Thousands of Merchandise Units. Are you interested?

There is an audience near and far for the PewDiePie YouTube channel giant. His simply passing through audiences will be no more than browsers, as they have browsed either incidentally or by chance onto a PewDiePie video and will sadly never be returning to another of the channels videos unless it has an unloaded video that is very particular on a subject matter.

Then there is the bro-fist army, and these are the audiences who are better known for being audience members, in that they are a part of the more important categorised individuals who enter into a PewDiePie video, as they be the most engaged in the purpose of the videos making.

PewDiePie started the channel to become a YouTube representative for the support of video-games, and he event often recalls in his more recent of videos to having started his channel playing Call of Duty videos. This was not be a key focus on his channel, but PewDiePie all started with Black Ops online gameplay commentaries.

Back then, PewDiePie's channel was a ghost town in comparison to where his channel was in the beginning. Felix Kjellberg did not start out in the YouTube video-sharing medium as a rich young kid out on the site with advantages that other YouTube channels could not compete alongside, but rather a normal kid with dreams of one day making a living from the minor growth that his YouTube channel was receiving in the early days.

Like many YouTube channels in their early days, PewDiePie was a channel that was going through a lot of rough patches, as Felix Kjellberg was cementing his presence as being the living and breathing PewDiePie, and this was done through endless introductions announcing his YouTube name, and ending his videos with re-calling to his subscribers, calling them his bro army.

But, the actual rough patches aside from Felix getting his personality out there on the internet, the channel went through the spots moving to better quality camera equipment, audio equipment, professional lighting equipment, cool hats equipment, and this would have all been in the abundance by the time the channel had a million subscribers, but a lacking thereof when there was only 100, or even 1000 subscribers.

To put it plain and simply, everyone who first starts a YouTube channel is going to start it immediately receiving negativity from whatever small viewership it has, and if they hang around long enough to succeed the will have nothing in use anymore from what it had in the earlier days of being in existence. Personality, shooting locations, camera equipment, other professional equipment, and even the people around you will be different if you hang around the game long enough to realise even the weakest of contenders in the video-sharing atmosphere can succeed.

What does PewDiePie advise his followers on how to set up a successful YouTube channel? Well, PewDiePie is a busy man, but luckily for his subscribers a lot of this busy time is spent in front of the cameras talking to his fans and pretty much anyone who clicks on his videos of current cross-inspection.

PewDiePie has revealed videos in the past telling his followers (and anybody else out there) that it is not difficult to be a YouTube channel, but is is difficult to become an expert at being a YouTube channel. Oh, darn, so only professional industry experts and movie makers can be successful on the YouTube platform. Wrong, and perhaps almost never the case. Take the morning news channel, these guys have the best experts in industries across the platform, and their YouTube channels are some of the least watched, and least supported.

PewDiePie will tell you that is is who you are that makes you unique, to your family seems a little cliche, but best put when having you hang for an hour with your best mates. The hour passed fast, how come? That would be the immediate chemistry that you share with these individuals, and it is that same chemistry that must be shared between you and your camera. Aha, so that is all it takes?... to be a YouTuber? Yep, but it never hurts to have an avid interest in the niche you're choosing (such as tech vlogging), have all the latest camera equipment (shooting in 4K, 1080p), a good audio device to capture sound, and an organised video capturing and editing style. Don't worry, just having one of these things is a step in the right direction. In time, you'll have all of these boxes ticked.

Why do we love PewDiePie? Well, we're going to be discussing the PewDiePie channel's official merchandise collection, and out of those 50 million subscribers we should at the very least get a million or two of these wonderful human beings to buy a merchandise item from the PewDiePie merch collection.

Never bought YouTube channel merchandise before? Well, PewDiePie is personally involved with the merchandises designing, logo printing, material used, and is well aware that all of his merchandise is of the best quality, and has even attracted enough attention to cause opening sales days where his entire stock will sell-out. Come on Pewd's, all we ask is that we get our merchandise without hiccups or delays, what is this - Apple.

Thanks for reading what we had to share with you guys.

All the PewDiePie merchandise - maybe you have already purchased fandom merchandise in the past, and might we tempt your lighter side in giving a good old gander at the PewDiePie merchandise - he's the number 1 top subscribed YouTuber in the world.

This merchandise is so good that it can even dress your baby. Sorry, this was a lie, but is something that should be seriously considered. Every baby be bro-fist merchandised baby. So good in fact that the baby could be sold wearing the bro-fist merchandise. Ehhh, we're just spitballing our ideas.

No, seriously, PewDiePie I sense some serious profits from selling PewDiePie and Marcia baby clothes. Might need some external thinking from the PewDiePie brand label, but certainly something to consider. PewDiePie loads up a new video - telling his (as least...) 30 million person audience of 9-13 year olds about a new baby wear brand that Felix and Marcia are setting up, and all 30 million young people go away to convince their parents to clothe their baby brothers or sisters in the Felix and Marcia baby-wear collection. Just a thought - so F& M - what are we thinking?

Anyways, here's the merchandise that PewDiePie and Marcia fans will appreciate:

First source:

The guys over at Fan Fiber have done some great premium clothes merchandise that you should definitely go check out.

  • Context Matters T-Shirt (available in black and white) - £19.99
  • Context Matters Hoodie (available in black and red) - £34.99
  • PewDiePie Fidget Spinner (black) - £6.99

Second source:

If you are a die-hard fan of Pewd's then you will have likely seen his recent video showcasing his latest hoodie design, and oh yeah - it's on

  • PewDiePie Official "50MC" Collection - $39.99
  • PewDiePie Hoodie! - $38.99
  • Official PewDiePie Tee - £22.95 ($29.99)

Third source:

RedBubble has so much PewDiePie merchandise that after too much scrolling it begins to start getting a little creepy. Seriously, each to their own (it's your money), but at times Pewd's face is scrawled all over some of the products. Where is the premium tastes? Not at Red Bubble, but we decided to include the online shop regardless, and there really is a lot of PewDiePie merchandise on this site.

Fourth source:

Another over the top site where an individual can purchase PewDiePie merchandise, and even gives the hint that they could be given as gifts. I want the "PewDiePie Slenderman Mug". This find alone gives this site brownie points, when comparing this source for PewDiePie goodies to the third source. Sorry Red Bubble, where were the cool mugs when I searched.

That is all we have to share today, and if you have any other cool PewDiePie merchandise that can be found elsewhere be sure to leave these recommendations down in the comments section.

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